Support Local Business, Help Lower Carbon Emissions and Save Time and Money

Troiano trucks at filling station



Visit our partner, Troiano Fuel Company’s state of the art, one-stop liquid fuel hub conveniently located in Enfield, CT, where you can get your fuel closer to home.

Product offerings include:

Heating Oil – Bioheat® blended fuel, reduces harmful carbon emissions compared with traditional heating oil and can help extend the life of heating equipment as it is a lower carbon solution meaning less carbon buildup. 

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InfiniD™ is Chevron Renewable Energy Group's biodiesel solution that can provide engine performance and emissions benefits to fleets looking to reach lower carbon targets economically that doesn’t typically require changes to your infrastructure.

Available in B5/B10/B20 blends.  

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About Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Chevron is building a leading renewable fuels business that can help lower the carbon intensity for transportation sector operations as well as other market segments. Headquartered in Ames, IA, Chevron Renewable Energy Group and the team are focused on growing Chevron’s portfolio of lower carbon fuels and developing novel feedstocks.

As one company, we are combining our growing renewable fuels production and world-class feedstock aggregation capabilities with Chevron’s large distribution and commercial marketing position.

Together, we are harnessing our complementary cultures and proven track record of developing innovative technologies to work toward the goal of growing our renewable fuels production capacity to 100,000 barrels per day by 2030.

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