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The Accounting team is responsible for the proper recording of all transactions of the business ultimately leading to the preparation and review of the financial statements and various internal reports. These statements are ultimately relied upon by various stakeholders, both internally and externally, and help demonstrate the company’s results and financial position. The team also works to develop and maintain proper internal controls and systems to ensure the integrity of these financial reports.              
Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable (AP) team helps to review and process over 20,000 invoices each month sent on behalf of Chevron Renewable Energy Group, both to external parties – such as freight charges, utility bills, feedstock supply costs, and operational expenses – and internal business units. AP also updates supplier master data, supports vendor relationships, and reconciles statements to ensure our accounts are current. The best part about AP is that nearly every other team within CREG has bills to pay, which means they get to work with all sorts of people, and are able to learn about the business as a whole from many different viewpoints.
The Communications team is responsible for all internal and external corporate communications. Externally, they are responsible for press releases, social media, and other media outreach. The communications team also assists with special events and corporate charitable giving and volunteering.
Compliance Supply Chain Management
The Compliance SCM team ensures that Chevron Renewable Energy Group stays within regulatory compliance for multiple programs across North America and Europe.  
Capital Projects
The Capital Projects team is responsible for planning the enhancements to manufacturing capabilities in current operations and new facilities. The department manages the design, engineering, and construction of Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s projects from their creation through their startup.  
Corporate Affairs
The Corporate Affairs team is responsible for government affairs. The team lobbies on behalf of Chevron Renewable Energy Group to federal, state, and local government lawmakers and agencies. This involves meeting with legislators and regulators, monitoring legislative and regulatory changes that affect the industry, and working with industry organizations.  
Corporate Business Development
The main function of the Business Development team is to create value and locate new opportunities that align with the strategic intent of the enterprise. These opportunities include for example, acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, and supply business relationships, as well as supporting inter-departmental business activities across the company. 
Corporate Finance & Investment Banking
The CFIB team assists with financial analysis and the execution of business development activities such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic investments. The team provides additional support for functional teams with financial analysis such as strategic planning, capital projects, and market research.   
Corporate Strategy
The Corporate Strategy team is responsible for coordinating integration efforts for potential and ongoing acquisitions. The department also works on special projects that involve multiple departments to serve as an oversight group.
Corporate Services
The Corporate Services team is responsible for the maintenance and operational functions of our office buildings at the Chevron Renewable Energy Group headquarters in Ames. They maintain fleet vehicles, plan and provide assistance with company events, and provide internal customer service to Chevron Renewable Energy Group employees.
The Credit team is responsible for managing all aspects of the Credit and Collections process by establishing new accounts, reviewing, and approving credit applications, and properly entering the customer terms in the various systems. In addition, mitigating risk helps reduce bad debt exposure.
Customer Sales Administration
The Customer Sales & Administration team is the liaison between Chevron Renewable Energy Group and our customers. They manage and process sales contracts and coordinate contract details with other departments.
Financial Planning & Analysis
The F P & A team is responsible for the consolidated Chevron Renewable Energy Group budget, periodic forecasts of financial performance, monthly variance analysis, and other financial analysis and reporting to management and our leadership.  
Global Sourcing
The Global Sourcing team oversees the purchase of feedstocks and chemicals to produce our products. They help ensure feedstock trading is efficient and optimized to get the right feedstocks, to the right plants, at the right time. 
Health, Environment, & Safety
The HSE team works to ensure Chevron Renewable Energy Group is a safe place to work. They help manage risks, lead operational excellence efforts, and set forward-thinking HSE strategies to align with Chevron’s vision.
Human Resources
The Human Resources department is responsible for managing every aspect of the employee process, including recruitment and onboarding, benefits, and career development.  
Information Technology
An IT career at Chevron offers you the opportunity to work in a technical environment with a global reach. The Information Technology Team delivers innovative solutions to complex business problems for our rapidly changing global industry. 
The legal team is responsible for ensuring Chevron Renewable Energy group stays in conformance with laws, regulations and Chevron policies, negotiates contracts, helps manage labor and employment matters, litigation, and intellectual property. The legal team supports the various functions and departments within Chevron Renewable Energy Group.
Manufacturing Operations
The Manufacturing Operations team oversees all the plants to ensure they are running effectively and efficiently. 
Operations Control
The Operations Control team is responsible for analyzing market prices and managing risk. This team works cross functionally with other departments to share feedback on what is happening in the market. 
Sales & Marketing
The Sales and Marketing team is responsible for selling Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s products, as well as managing current and prospective customer relationships. These teams work in conjunction on various initiatives to expand awareness of the Chevron Renewable Energy Group brand, products , and value proposition. 
Synthetic Fuels
The Synthetic Fuels team based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma office helps monitor and maintain Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s Geismar, Louisiana biorefinery and are heavily involved in technology development across the company. 
The Tax team ensures Chevron Renewable Energy Group is in compliance with all tax laws and works closely with other departments on this initiative. The Income Tax group handles all U.S. and International income and franchise taxes, while the Indirect Tax group takes care of motor fuel taxes and fees, sales and use taxes, property taxes and value added taxes.
Technical Services
The Technical Services team is responsible for ensuring the quality of Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s products, optimizing plant processes, diversifying the company’s products and technology research. The team assists the production facilities with any process issues that are occurring and are involved in analyzing technology upgrades.
The Transportation department is responsible for arranging the efficient transportation of Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s inbound and outbound freight of products, chemicals and feedstocks. 
The Treasury team is responsible for Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s liquidity and capital management. The team works cross functionally to ensure Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s investments and cash structure are managed efficiently.