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Meet the growing consumer demand for high-performance heating oil that also reduces emissions with Bioheat® blended fuel from Chevron Renewable Energy Group. 

Biodiesel brings economic, efficiency and environmental benefits to more than just diesel vehicles. For example, blending traditional heating oil with biodiesel results in Bioheat® blended fuel, a lower carbon option for heating homes and buildings. Another fuel type is Chevron Renewable Energy Group Bio-Residual™ Oil, which can be used for heat, power generation or other industrial purposes.

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Improve air quality and extend the life of heating equipment

Bioheat® fuel is a blend of biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oil that has significant benefits and is available in three tiers of blends. 

fuel blends contain 2-5% biodiesel (B2-B5).
Bioheat® Plus
fuel blends contain 6-20% biodiesel (B6-B20).
Bioheat® Super Plus
fuel blends contain 21-100% biodiesel (B21-B100). 

Meets Growing Demand

Bioheat® blended fuel meets growing consumer demand by offering the same performance as traditional heating oil while improving the environment through lower carbon emissions.

Improves Equipment Performance

Bioheat® blended fuel reduces carbon buildup on furnace components, helping to improve efficiency, lengthening maintenance intervals and extending the life of equipment.

Implements Simply

Bioheat® blended fuel is easy to implement since it usually requires no modifications to storage and delivery systems, or to consumers’ heating systems.

Competitively Positioned

Competing with natural gas and other heating fuel alternatives, Bioheat® blended fuel can help providers reclaim market share and capitalize on state and local tax credits and usage requirements.

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Proven in the field

Broco Energy sees superior quality

When Bob and Angela Brown started Broco Energy, they wanted to differentiate themselves by bringing more renewable heating options to homeowners in the Northeast. Thanks to Chevron Renewable Energy Group, they’re doing so more successfully than ever.

Broco Energy raindrop image.

Fast Facts

    Purchased rail terminal in 2017
  • Partnered with Chevron Renewable Energy Group in 2019 to open the first biodiesel terminal in New England
  • Started with B20 blends
  • Quality of fuel allowed them to begin selling B30, followed by B40
  • Today, they sell B50 to all customers

Looking Ahead

  • Broco Energy is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • They’ve already switched 10 of their trucks to run on B100, utilizing the Vector System from Optimus Technologies
  • They aim to transition their full fleet to B100 and also begin selling B100 to customers

In their own words

"Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s biodiesel is by far the most superior I’ve seen. Their distillation process is the best out there. It allows us to show that we’re selling branded biodiesel. Because not all biodiesel is created equally."

Bob Brown, owner and president, Broco Energy


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Service tech notices “huge difference”

Steven Calvaruso has seen it all in the heating oil industry. As a service technician in New York City since 1984, he didn’t think it would make much of a difference when his company switched to Bioheat®, but he was wrong.

Fast Facts

  • Cohler Fuel Oil Co. has been serving four boroughs of New York City since 1939
  • The company has transitioned to offering Bioheat® in the last several years
  • Their NORA-certified mechanics have noticed a big  difference in the performance of their customers’  heating equipment


  • Bioheat® helps fight carbon accumulation on the surfaces of heat exchangers, which is what  Calvaruso views as the No. 1 problem affecting the efficiency of heating systems
  • Customers have had an overwhelmingly positive  attitude toward Bioheat® and its advantages

In their own words

“Since we started using biodiesel, there’s been a  noticeable drop-off in carbon build-up related service calls. Less carbon translates into better efficiency for the system. That makes everybody happy — customers and us.”

Steven Calvaruso, service technician, Cohler Fuel Oil Co.

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