Renewable Marine Fuel Solutions

Renewable Energy Group's renewable marine fuel solutions can help companies comply with the IMO 2020 0.5% sulfur cap regulation and reduce CO2 emissions.

InfiniD and PuriD 

High-Performance Fuels That Meet Your Needs

EnDura Fuels™ is a complete line of renewable fuel solutions that provide renewable alternatives to traditional marine fuels produced from fossil fuels. REG's renewable marine fuels provide many valuable benefits.

Sustainable Drop-In Fuel

  • Provides a minimum net calorific value of 35,000 J/g and has a high flashpoint
  • Can be used as a drop-in fuel or as a blend with traditional marine fuels in existing engines using current infrastructure
  • Gives assured performance and fuel stability, as well as added lubricity
  • Economical fuel solutions that deliver measurable carbon reduction


  • Produced from bio-based feedstock — used cooking oil, inedible corn oil, animal fat, etc. — renewable and accessible resources
  • Fuel quality is ensured, regardless of feedstock
  • May be eligible for incentives and sustainability programs from local, federal or European governments
  • Ultimate scalability for quality, reliable renewable fuel now — for a cleaner future

Supply Assurance

  • 11 biorefineries including our renewable diesel production facility
  • Feedstock flexibility provides added assurance on supply
  • Peace of mind with InfiniD™ and PuriD™ due to our leading quality assurance programs


  • Produces less particulate matter than other conventional fuel sources
  • One of the lowest carbon intensities of any commercially available liquid fuel
  • Virtually sulfur-free
  • Enables cleaner air at ports around the world by reducing their overall CO₂ emissions

Additional facts

  • The ISO 8217 marine fuel specification currently allows a 7% FAME blend1
  • Test results from a leading global shop engine manufacturer suggest that FAME blends up to 30% in current marine fuels can work without operational issues such as filter plugging2
  • Additional studies established that switching between renewable fuels and traditional marine fuels does not pose challenges or create limitations on engines3
  • REG is currently testing the use of 100% renewable fuels in marine applications
  • REG provides a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each lot of InfiniD™ and PuriD™

A Powerful Partnership

  • Economical fuel solutions that deliver measurable carbon reduction
  • Innovative products from one of the world's largest bio-based diesel producers
  • Unrivaled service as your vital link in the global supply chain
  • Ultimate scalability for quality, reliable, renewable fuel now — for a cleaner future

1FAME — Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

2 Alternative fuels from a medium-speed engine manufacturer's perspective, Wärtsilä Corporation

3 Biofuels in Ships —

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