Chevron Renewable Energy Group Diesel Fuel

In addition to blended fuel, Chevron Renewable Energy Group also supplies Chevron Renewable Energy Group Diesel Fuel, offering customers straight ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) at terminal locations across the U.S. At some locations, we supply dyed fuel for off-road use. Diesel fuel is expected to remain the fuel of choice for fleets for decades to come, and automakers are releasing more diesel passenger vehicles. This creates an opportunity for fuel wholesalers and retailers who are facing declining demand for gasoline.

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Low sulfur ULSD has 97% less sulfur than low-sulfur diesel, helping to reduce air pollution.
A dominant fuel Fuel suppliers that offer diesel have a large market to sell to: 97% of all Class 8 trucks in the U.S. are run on diesel fuel.1
An opportunity with passenger vehicles, too It's not just the trucking industry that prefers diesel engines. Diesel vehicle sales were up in 2018, led by pickups and SUVs.2

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