Learn About The Hiring Process For Students

Apply through your school

Chevron recruits and turns and full-time university hires by major at select University zoom conferencing is across the US.

We attend a variety of campus events like career fairs, info sessions, and student organization activities, primarily between September and November of each year. To find out when we will be at your campus, see our current event calendar (usually updated every August).

REG students. 

Get ready for the interview

After the interview registration closes, you’ll be notified if you’re selected for an interview. Typically, this takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the position and the school. Most schools have a notification system that will notify you if you were selected or not. However, you should check with your career center at your school for their specific process.

Put your best foot forward

Your first interview would typically be conducted on campus.