Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) can help the aviation industry meet its sustainability targets through cleaner-burning, lower-emissions fuel.


Opportunity for Low-Carbon Solutions

The sustainable energy transition is real and, as many companies establish sustainability goals, in response to societal demands, they need tangible solutions right now. With the air travel expected to double by 20371, SAF is another promising way to lower carbon emissions.

Sustainable aviation fuel is similar to conventional jet fuel, but instead of utilizing fossil fuels, it is produced from sustainable feedstocks. Some typical renewable feedstocks are used cooking oil, distillers corn oil and animal fats.

Airplane jet engine

Renewable Options

As a pioneer of the bio-based diesel industry, with Chevron Renewable Energy Group's refinery in Geismar, Louisiana, being the first facility in the U.S. to produce sustainable aviation fuel, Chevron Renewable Energy Group is taking the next step to provide a low fossil carbon solution for the aviation industry.

In 2022, Chevron Renewable Energy Group introduced BeyonD™, which is produced with no fossil carbon, allowing dramatic reductions in direct aircraft fossil carbon emissions.2

Performance Beyond Expectations

Part of the EnDura Fuels™ product line, a complete line of renewable fuel solutions, BeyonD™ is a high-quality sustainable aviation fuel that meets the ASTM D7566 fuel specification, reduces fossil carbon emissions and helps companies meet sustainability goals.

1 This forecast is based on a 3.5% compound annual growth rate for the industry.

2Product is produced from renewable oils and fats. Methanol used to make biodiesel and hydrogen used to make renewable diesel and SAF are typically made from conventional natural gas, but can be produced from renewable resources

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