Bioheat® Blended Fuel: Same Heat, Fewer Emissions

Biodiesel blended with traditional heating oil is a win-win for homeowners and heating oil companies. The blended product, known as Bioheat® blended fuel, reduces harmful emissions compared with traditional heating oil, can help extend the life of heating equipment because of its cleaner burn, and is helping heating oil dealers offset the loss of market share to natural gas and other competitors. Chevron Renewable Energy Group has years of experience in providing a reliable source of high-quality biodiesel to Bioheat® blended fuel.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Clean, efficient and environmentally friendly Meets the growing customer demand for fuel that offers the same performance as traditional heating oil with less impact on the environment.
Burns more cleanly Causes less pollution plus reduces carbon buildup on furnace components, helping to improve efficiency, extend equipment life and reduce maintenance intervals.
Simple to implement Bioheat® blended fuel requires no modifications to storage and delivery systems or to end-users' heating systems.
Competitive with other options Helps heating oil companies compete with natural gas and other heating fuel alternatives.
Government incentives Some states and cities are providing tax credits or have usage requirements for Bioheat® blended fuel or biodiesel.

Bioheat® is a licensed trademark of the Clean Fuels Alliance America.

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Case Study

Broco Energy's commitment to a cleaner future is making a difference now.

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A Lower Carbon Option

In the Northeast, where heating oil is most prominent, state and local government officials are listening to their constituents and increasingly demanding reductions in harmful emissions. In steps Bioheat® blended fuel, which thanks to biodiesel has lower toxic emissions than petroleum diesel and is virtually sulfur-free, giving homeowners a more environmentally friendly option to stay warm.

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