Fuel Services and Delivery

A Full-Service Fuel Delivery Company

Chevron Renewable Energy Group not only produces fuel, but delivers fuel lubricants, fuel additives and other products and services in select markets as well as offering a range of other services aimed at helping your organization succeed.

Amber Resources

In 2022, Chevron Renewable Energy Group acquired the Amber Resources family of companies, including Dion & Sons, Sawyer Petroleum, Amber Petroleum Products, Amber Industrial Services, F & L Petroleum Products and F & L Race Fuel. Amber Resources is a leading Southern California full-service distributor of diesel, gasoline, lubricants, diesel exhaust fluid, race fuel, military-spec lubricants and industrial services.

This acquisition builds upon Chevron Renewable Energy Group downstream participation, growing the company’s footprint in one of the most renewables-focused regions in the world.  With this deal, Chevron Renewable Energy Group adds nine locations in Southern California, including six fully-staffed distribution centers and three cardlock sites.

The AmberTM Advantage

  • Full local coverage of Southern California via the hub and spoke distribution model with six fully staffed facilities
  • Large and small volume diesel, biodiesel, renewable diesel, gasoline and DEF deliveries with 24 x 7 x 365 availability
  • Mobile fueling (wet-hosing) from 10 to 200+ pieces of equipment, from fleet parking lots to construction sites Pac Pride and CFN fleet card programs
  • Customized IT reporting of purchase and delivery data to meet individual customer needs
  • Complex project planning for turnarounds and events
  • Tank loan program including a rental option or a no-cost option based on minimum volume commitments
  • Largest military-spec lubricant and corrosion preventive distributor on the West Coast
  • F & L Race Fuel master distributor
  • Emergency service support

Amber truck.

Lubricant Solutions Provider

Amber Resources provides lubricant solutions rather than just solely lubricant products. The Amber team of technical lubricant specialists supports your team with analysis of your lubrication program including product selection, storage, application, sample analysis and reclamation. Amber's lubricant technical expertise helps protect equipment, increase equipment reliability, reduce costs and improve operations.

  • Local delivery of all package sizes – bulk 330-gallon tote, 55-gallon drum to a 5-gallon jug, or case goods
  • Oil analysis program that extends lubricant service life, reduces high maintenance costs and increases the reliability of equipment
  • Complimentary site surveys following an industry-standard methodology that offers an evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and recommendations
  • Equipment loan program offers lubricant tanks of any size and related dispensing equipment
  • Tank monitors to ensure that you don’t run out of bulk lubricants

Amber Industrial Services

Amber Industrial Services (AIS) provides solutions for industrial lubricant and fuel issues to help customers increase the profitability and the reliability of their equipment. With a fleet of portable filtration equipment units and experienced operators, AIS can promptly respond to your critical lubrication and fuel maintenance needs.

  • Oil Reclamation – Vacuum dehydration, centrifuge and element filtration reclaims most of the industrial lubricants in your plant at a fraction of the cost of new lubricants
  • Fuel Reclamation – Amber keeps your fuel supply clean and dry for your fleet or emergency power systems and helps your company maintain compliance with NFPA 110
  • Reclamation Equipment Rental – Amber's fleet of rental vacuum dehydrators and filtration skids is ready for immediate delivery (based on availability) to your site to get your production back online
  • Flushing and Cleaning Services – From high-speed flushes on hydraulic or turbine systems to removing years of sludge buildup in a fuel or lubricant tank, Amber can flush and clean your equipment

Find Amber Locations

Southern California's only full-service petroleum distributor – Amber has six fully-staffed distribution facilities located across Southern California that will provide local fuel, lubricant and DEF deliveries 24 x 7 x 365. 

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Des Moines Energy Services

Des Moines Energy Services, formerly Keck Energy, has supplied fuel to Midwest fleets, municipalities, convenience stores, mining operations and farmers since 1927. Business of all sizes such as local HVAC companies, painters, construction and golf courses also rely on the Des Moines-based fuel provider for excellent customer service and high-quality products.

As a division of Chevron Renewable Energy Group, fleets in the Midwest that are looking for lower-carbon solutions to improve sustainability can get delivery of a complete line of fuel solutions and access to expanded services.

What sets Des Moines Energy Services apart is that its fuel services business directly serves consumers. The company employs an experienced team of fuel experts who understand your business and offer fuel solutions that provide emissions benefits for today and tomorrow.

REG Keck crop. 

Market, Product and Service Offerings


  • Trucking Fleets
  • Government Fleets
  • Construction Companies
  • Convenience Stores
  • Farms


  • EnDura Fuels™, a complete line of fuel solutions to help you meet your company’s sustainability and profitability goals
  • Diesel
  • Gas
  • DEF


  • Tank Solutions of all sizes
  • Fuel Cloud
  • Keep full/tank monitors
  • GHG data
  • Fuel Tank Polishing
  • Fuel Testing
  • Deliveries from 50-8,500 gallons
  • Full Transport Tanker
  • LTL Tank Wagon
  • Wet Hose

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Call Des Moines Energy Group at (515) 244-5646 or click below to get a quote from Des Moines Energy Services.

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Dawson Oil Company

Dawson Oil Company is a bulk fuel distributor and cardlock owner, located in Northern California. The company is a full solution provider, offering diesel, gasoline, DEF and lubricants, and operates six cardlocks in the Greater Sacramento Valley.

For more than 50 years, Dawson Oil has provided lubricants to multiple industries, always with a focus on unparalleled customer service.

Dawson cardlock.

Industries Dawson Oil Serves:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Fleet and Trucking
  • Oil, Lube and Auto Repair
  • Industrial, Manufacturing and Mills


Dawson Oil service stations are welcoming, well-maintained and safe for every customer to use. In addition to carwashes and self-serve stations, Dawson Oil also offers bulk deliveries of fuel and lubricants as well as solutions for all equipment and tank needs. Here’s a complete list of available services:


  • Tank rental
  • Car washes
  • On-site Fuel delivery
  • Bulk fuel delivery
  • Lubricant delivery
  • Heating oil
  • Cardlock


  • (2) Rocklin, CA
  • Auburn, CA
  • Diamond Springs, CA
  • Yuba City, CA
  • Oroville, CA

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