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Biodiesel makes it easy for you to achieve emissions goals while improving your mining operation.

Biodiesel can lessen the burden imposed by mining regulations. Chevron Renewable Energy Group's InfiniD™, part of the EnDura Fuels™ complete line of renewable fuel solutions, fulfills air-quality requirements and helps keep employees healthier on-site. 


Quality Fuel and Supply Assurance

As a leading biodiesel and renewable diesel producer, Chevron Renewable Energy Group offers one of the highest-quality fuels that can enable decarbonization today with a much lower Carbon Intensity (CI) than petroleum diesel.

Using InfiniD™ for Mining Operations

InfiniD™ is a high-quality biodiesel that meets or exceeds ASTM D6751 and can be used in all conventional diesel applications.

  • Industry-Leading Quality Assurance – You can always depend on us to produce high quality, clean burning biodiesel
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions Now – InfiniD™ is a simple solution to help you not only meet, but exceed emissions standards
  • Technical and Education Support – To support your transition to biodiesel, we offer ongoing, world-class technical support via online and in-person resources

For more than 25 years, we've helped industries implement practical solutions to complex sustainability challenges by providing leading-edge quality, go-to-market agility, sustainable partnerships and sensible decarbonization strategies.

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