Chevron Renewable Energy Group Bio-Residual Oil

REG Bio-Residual® Oil is developed by Chevron Renewable Energy Group and is a lower carbon solution for generating energy, or for use in other industrial applications.

As one of the nation’s largest producer of biofuels, Chevron Renewable Energy Group offers a consistent supply of high-performing REG Bio-Residual® Oil for use as an alternative to traditional fuel oils.

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High Performance to Meet Your Specifications

REG Bio-Residual® Oil, a co-product of the biodiesel refining process, offers exceptional BTU performance when used for heat or power generation. Whether used as a straight replacement for fuel oil, sprayed onto a traditional fuel source or blended with conventional heating oils, REG Bio-Residual® Oil provides up to 135,000 BTUs per gallon while reducing emissions. REG Bio-Residual® Oil is an exceptional and renewable alternative to fuel oil, coal, natural gas and even other biomass fuel sources, providing many valuable benefits compared to traditional fossil fuels.


  • REG Bio-Residual Oil is produced from recycled fats and oils such as used cooking oil, distillers corn oil, animal fat and other vegetable oils — renewable and relatively plentiful resources. It is an affordable way to help meet your company’s lower carbon targets.
  • Fuel quality is consistent, regardless of feedstock.
  • In certain areas of the country, REG Bio-Residual Oil is eligible for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and RINs, depending on the usage.
  • REG Bio-Residual Oil offers a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to alternative fuel oils.

Better BTU performance

  • REG Bio-Residual Oil provides up to 135,000 BTUs per gallon.
  • Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s advanced technology in its distillation system used in production means the solution contains negligible amounts of water or methanol.
  • REG Bio-Residual Oil offers a higher BTU value than coal or wood-fiber material, with approximately 100–125% more energy per pound than wood chips or pellets.

Lower carbon intensity 

  • REG Bio-Residual Oil burns cleanly and produces less particulate matter than other fuel sources.
  • REG Bio-Residual Oil has one of the lowest carbon intensity of any commercially available liquid fuel.

Volume and Logistics to Meet Your Demands

REG Bio-Residual Oil is flexible and readily available. This high-viscosity product can be stored and handled like other residual fuels. If your operation is equipped to burn a heavy fuel oil, it requires no infrastructure changes or special storage needs. If you burn solid fuel, take advantage of enhanced BTU performance by applying REG Bio-Residual Oil to your fuel source.

Gross Heating Value
 130,000-135,000  144,00-152,000
% wt
 0.01-0.05  0.04-0.15
% wt
 <>  0.5-3.5
 Moisture  % wt  0.01-0.15  0.3-0.5
 Viscosity @ 40C (mm²/s)  mm²/s  9-500  250-720
 Viscosity @ 100C (mm²/s)  mm²/s  2.5-25  5-50
 Carbon Residue  % wt  <>  <>
 Vanadium  ppm  0  <>

More than 10 million gallons of annual production capacity 

  • REG Bio-Residual Oil can be used in a wide variety of markets, including power generation, district heating and industrial applications
  • Domestic and international transportation is available.

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