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Chevron Renewable Energy Group began producing methyl esters in 1995 with its first biorefinery in Ralston, Iowa. Today, Chevron Renewable Energy Group is one of the leading methyl ester producers in the United States. Our nationwide production and logistics network, plus some of the most advanced quality control measures in the industry, ensure you’ll receive excellent quality and quantity.

Chevron Renewable Energy Group offers the most advanced mix of methyl ester options in the industry with soy methyl esters and distilled or undistilled mixed methyl esters. Our methyl esters are also available across the country.

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Performance Benefits

  • Better handling and storage thanks to a high Flash Point of >93
  • Biodegradable
  • Low toxicity
  • The FDA does not list methyl ester as an ozone-depleting chemical (ODC), hazardous air pollutant or volatile organic compound (VOC)

Methyl Esters Can Improve Adjuvants and Surfactants By:

  • Improving contact of spray droplets on plant surfaces
  • Penetrating more effectively through waxy surfaces
  • Increasing crop yields while lowering input costs
  • Enhancing biodegradability of product

Nature’s Solvents 

  • Powerful, high-performance solvent with a Kauri-Butanol (KB) value of at least 58
  • Can replace or be mixed with most petrochemical-based solvents
  • Lower evaporation rate

Chevron Renewable Energy Group offers some of the most advanced mix of methyl ester options in the industry with production facilities running various feedstock from vegetable based to tallow based along with distilled or undistilled mixed methyl esters.

Cloud (Haze) Point
 -3 to 15
Gardner Color
 2 to 12
Iodine Value
 40 to 140
Saponification Value
mg KOH/g oil
 185 to 200
Acid Number
mg KOH/g
Moisture Content
 Specific Gravity  N/A  0.87 to 0.90
 <>  %mass  <>
 C16  %mass  5 to 25
 C18  %mass  30 to 90
 >C18  %mass  <>
 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid  %mass  25 to 75
 Flash Point  °C  > 93

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For more information, download Chevron Renewable Energy Group's Methyl Esters safety data and company fact sheets


Safety Data Sheet Fact Sheet



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