Chevron Renewable Energy Group Methyl Esters – More Than Fuel

Biodiesel and methyl esters are two names for the same thing, but their uses can go well beyond fuel. Chevron Renewable Energy Group began producing methyl esters as solvents in 1996 at our first biorefinery in Ralston, Iowa, even before we produced the first gallon of biodiesel. Today, Chevron Renewable Energy Group is one of the leading methyl ester producers in the United States, with our methyl esters going into products such as adjuvants, surfactants and solvents. Chevron Renewable Energy Group offers the most advanced mix of methyl ester options in the industry with soy methyl esters and distilled or undistilled mixed methyl esters. Our methyl esters are also available across the country.


Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Highly biodegradable, high flash point Safe to handle and store, low toxicity compared to other common substances.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not list methyl ester as an ozone-depleting chemical (ODC), hazardous air pollutant or volatile organic compound (VOC). Use without the onus of regulations.
Excellent, natural solvent Powerful solvent with Kaur-butanol (KB) value of 58 that can replace or be mixed with petrochemical-based solvents.
Natural adjuvant and surfactant Can increase crop yields while lowering input costs by improving contact of spray droplets on plant surfaces and more effectively penetrating waxy surfaces.
Low evaporation rate Maintains contact longer with the target material.
Nationwide availability Chevron Renewable Energy Group is the largest producer of methyl esters by volume in the U.S. with a distribution system that can deliver product anywhere in the country.



For more information, download Chevron Renewable Energy Group's Methyl Esters safety data and company fact sheets


Safety Data Sheet Fact Sheet



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