Optimus Technologies

Chevron Renewable Energy Group and Optimus Technologies have been marketing partners since 2018. Optimus manufactures the Vector System™, an advanced fuel system technology that enables diesel engines to operate on 100% biodiesel. This system upgrades medium or heavy-duty engines to run on 100% biodiesel without significant engine modifications.  

Biodiesel is suitable for use in virtually any diesel engine, and works with current infrastructure. It is often blended at a level of 20%, or B20. With the Vector System, biodiesel can now be utilized as B100 or 100% biodiesel. Increasing the blend ratio of biodiesel is another way fleets can help accelerate lower carbon emissions. 

How it works 

Vehicles equipped with the Vector System can run on B100 through a simple vehicle add-on. The system starts and shuts down the engine using conventional diesel, operating on 100% biodiesel only after the vehicle has reached optimal  normal operating conditions. This allows fleets to operate on B100 year-round. 

The system can also be used to track emission reductions and optimizes the use of biodiesel when operating conditions are met without driver input. 

"With more fleets across the nation beginning to expand their sustainability goals, we feel that the Optimus B100 System is an exceptional way to meet these goals and targets,” said Colin Huwyler, CEO of Optimus Technologies. “Our B100 technology is a solution that is available today and doesn’t require fleets to wait to begin implementing their sustainability plans.” 

See how a few of our customers are using Chevron Renewable Energy Group biofuels and the Optimus Vector System: 

City of Ames 

The City of Ames, IA, utilizes B100 year-round in its refuse trucks and snowplows. In 2020, the city first piloted the use of the Vector System and B100 from Chevron Renewable Energy Group, and with twelve trucks now running on lower carbon fuels.  

D.C. Public Works

The D.C. Department of Public Works (DPW) expanded B100 use from six to seventeen refuse trucks and installed a 12,500-gallon refueling station on site.  Washington, D.C., has made efforts to achieve 50% greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2032, with the goal of 80% by 2050.  

City of Madison 

Madison first started using biodiesel in 2018, using a B5 blend in the fall and winter and a B11 blend in the spring and summer. In the summer of 2019, they introduced a B20 blend for the warmer months.  The City released a Climate Forward action plan in 2020 that requires all municipal vehicles to run on 100% renewable resources and be carbon neutral by 2030.  As a result, the city has since moved to higher biodiesel blends. The city is partnering with Optimus Technologies and Chevron Renewable Energy Group to aid in the transition. 

Broco Energy 

Broco Energy provides Bioheat® heating fuel in the Northeast United States. Broco Energy is a strong advocate for higher blends of biofuels in residential heating oil, and their own operations. Broco Energy installed the Vector System on ten of their trucks to run on B100, and mechanics report better fuel mileage and less regeneration cycles as a result.  

BioHeat® is a registered trademark of the Clean Fuel Alliance America and used with permission.