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Chevron Renewable Energy Group is a global company — and a local one. With locations throughout the U.S. and in Europe, we are a player on the world stage when it comes to cleaner fuels. Our commercial-scale biorefineries and sophisticated production processes ensure we produce high-quality products. And, our numerous terminal locations and relationships with suppliers and end users allow us to get fuel where it needs to go. We also are active in and care deeply about the communities in which we are located. Chevron Renewable Energy Group is not just a producer and supplier of cleaner fuels. We are also a creator of jobs and a source of economic development for local and regional economies.

North American Operation Center

Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Our headquarters in Ames, Iowa, is home to our leadership team, accounting, banking and finance, corporate affairs, customer service, engineering, human resources, legal, manufacturing, global sourcing, sales and marketing, tax, training, and transportation departments. Chevron Renewable Energy Group Ames' main function is to lead the company as a whole toward its long-term vision and support the operation of each of our U.S. biorefineries.

REG North American Operations Building

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Ames Office

Chevron Renewable Energy Group Ames
416 S Bell Ave
Ames, IA 50010

About Ames

Ames is a small city that feels much larger than its population of around 65,000. Ames is the home of Iowa State University, which is known for its exceptional engineering and agrisciences programs. Chevron Renewable Energy Group continues to benefit from ISU's scientific capabilities and well-educated students. ISU is also the cornerstone of a nationally recognized cluster of biotech and agrisciences companies in central Iowa. Located just 45 minutes from vibrant metro Des Moines, Ames adds its own unique flavor to the area by offering the housing and amenities of a larger community, plus exceptional education from preschool to graduate school.

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North American Regional Offices

Chevron Renewable Energy Group regional offices across the U.S. are strategically located to provide assistance to our customers and network of biorefineries. 

Tulsa Office

Chevron Renewable Energy Group Tulsa
5416 S. Yale Avenue, Suite 400
Tulsa, OK 74135

Production Locations

Chevron Renewable Energy Group has 9 active production locations located in the U.S. and abroad.

Seneca global location. 

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European Operation Center

Protecting the environment and improving air quality are global issues — and Chevron Renewable Energy Group is taking a global approach. We started in the U.S., and now we have a footprint in Europe and are making a difference on both continents.

Serving the World's Largest Biodiesel Market

In Europe, an effort known as the Circularity is underway to transform the economy into a more sustainable one. Biodiesel can play a big role in this. In fact, the European Union is the world’s largest producer and consumer of biodiesel.* Biodiesel in general has significantly lower emissions than petroleum diesel, but we go a step further at our European production facilities by utilizing used cooking oil as a primary feedstock. Used cooking oil offers even greater greenhouse gas reductions than other feedstocks.

Chevron Renewable Energy Group Amsterdam — Positioned to Lead Growth in Europe

Amsterdam was a natural place to locate our European operations center. The Netherlands plays a central role in global energy markets and has a strong research-and-development environment. Chevron Renewable Energy Group Amsterdam supports our European operations while working closely with company headquarters in Ames, Iowa.

About Amsterdam

With a metro population of about 2.5 million, Amsterdam is the commercial capital of the Netherlands, one of the top financial centers in Europe, the home of many Dutch institutions and seven of the world's largest 500 companies. Many leading technology companies have their European headquarters in Amsterdam. The city is also one of Europe's great cultural capitals and repositories for art, including masterpieces from famous residents Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh. The Port of Amsterdam is the fifth largest seaport in Europe. The eclectic city draws more than 5 million international visitors annually.

Amsterdam Office

Barbara Strozzilaan 386
1083 HN Amsterdam, NL

European Regional Offices

Chevron Renewable Energy Group's regional office in Germany helps serve the current European market and position Chevron Renewable Energy Group for growth on the continent.

Germany Office

Fürst-zu-Salm-Salm-Straße 18
D-46325 Borken-Burlo (Germany)

Production Facilities

Chevron Renewable Energy Group has two production facilities in Germany: Chevron Renewable Energy Group Oeding and Chevron Renewable Energy Group Emden biodiesel plants. Our biodiesel plants:

  • Are ISCC/RED certified ensuring transparency and compliance with European and international standards
  • Meet EN 14214 specifications and test methods for fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), which is another name for biodiesel
  • Have a combined production capacity of 185 kilotons
  • Use 100% waste feedstocks, primarily used cooking oil
  • Create biodiesel that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85%
  • Have combined to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3 million tons since 2010
  • Create valuable coproducts including glycerin and potassium sulfate


Chevron Renewable Energy Group broke ground on the expansion of its Emden, Germany biorefinery during a ceremony held on Saturday, August 27, 2022. The expansion project includes the addition of a pretreatment system at the facility, which is expected to allow the business to utilize a broader variety of feedstocks for the production of biodiesel.



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