Renewable Fuel Solutions For On-Road 

Maintain peak fleet performance year-round while reducing emissions and managing costs with renewable fuel solutions for on-road fleets from Chevron Renewable Energy Group.

InfiniD and UltraClean BlenD

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Lower Carbon Fuels For Fleets

EnDura Fuels™ is Chevron Renewable Energy Group's complete line of fuel solutions that will help you meet your company's lower carbon, performance and profitability goals.

Simple lower carbon solutions

  • Carbon Intensity (CI) scores that are lower than petroleum diesel allow for reduced carbon  intensity now
  • InfiniD™ is one of the lowest cost liquid fuels available today
  • Use as a drop-in fuel or as a blend with traditional fuels in existing engines using current infrastructure

Affordable flexibility

  • Lower your carbon output today with a product lineup that supports your profitability goals
  • Infrastructure investments that are typically less than other alternative fuel options
  • From product selection to order placement to delivery, we work to make implementing your fuel solutions seamless.

Performance Benefits

  • Higher Cetane for a shorter, more complete combustion ignition time
  • Added lubricity helps engines run smoother, cooler and quieter
  • Lower particulate matter helps reduce DPF clogging and regenerations
  • Helps reduce engine maintenance costs and increased longevity

Supply Assurance

  • Feedstock flexibility provides added assurance on supply
  • Peace of mind with EnDura Fuels™ in leading quality assurance


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Powerful Partnership

  • Offering unrivaled service and quality as one of the world's leading producers of bio-based fuels
  • Developing innovative products that deliver measurable carbon reduction for more than 25 years
  • Giving customers online access to information regarding their accounts and deliveries, including invoices, BOLs and volumes with our proprietary fuel dashboard
  • Providing ultimate scalability for quality, reliable renewable fuel now — for a lower carbon future

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