Providing Lower Carbon Fuel Solutions for Fleets

Lowering lifecycle carbon emissions has become more than just a trend in the trucking industry. For several years, carriers, shippers and brokers have become increasingly focused on lowering carbon intensity.

As the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, commercial transportation plays a critical segment in this paradigm shift.1

Logistics companies and shippers have found themselves in the spotlight, tasked with leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why this is an exciting time for the role that lower carbon fuels and various engine technologies are playing in helping the transportation sector work toward its targets.

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Providing Lower Carbon Fuel Options For Fleets

Transportation companies continue to focus on the environment and the need to demonstrate scalable, lower carbon intensity business practices. They are looking at how lower carbon fuel solutions can help their organization reach lifecycle carbon emissions targets and use them to help potentially gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Chevron offers a suite of lower carbon fuel solutions that can help your company find a balanced and scalable approach that is customized to meet your business needs.

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Chevron Renewable Energy Group is helping to fuel J.B. Hunt’s journey to a lower carbon future. With virtually seamless integration into existing infrastructure, see how our renewable fuel options have helped find efficient solutions and lower carbon opportunities for their customers.

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How Can Biobased Fuel Help Lower Lifecycle Carbon Emissions?

Compared to petroleum diesel, biodiesel and renewable diesel may reduce carbon emissions by up to 100% for fossil carbon.2 Biodiesel can also reduce total hydrocarbons by 70%, and renewable diesel can do so by up to 40%.3 The carbon intensity (CI) score of biodiesel and renewable diesel have also been consistently lower than LNG and hydrogen.4 Compared to electric, biodiesel may be about 56% more effective at reducing carbon emissions when considering the power grid.

A simple switch to biodiesel is one of the easiest ways to make an impact today – and well into the future.

For an estimate of how much your fleet could reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by switching to biodiesel, try our CO2 emissions calculator.

Benefits of Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel

Chevron Renewable Energy Group is helping to lead the energy and transportation industries' journey to a lower carbon future by converting renewable resources into high-quality, lower carbon fuels.

Here are some benefits of our high-quality, lower carbon fuel solutions that can help lower lifecycle carbon emissions today.

Performance: Biodiesel offers improved lubricity and combustion, and reduced DPF clogging and regenerations compared to petroleum diesel. Renewable diesel is considered a direct replacement for petroleum diesel, meaning its engine performance and use would be practically the same as petroleum diesel.

Availability: Biodiesel blends of B20 and above are widely available at more than 800 public fuel stations throughout the country, whereas renewable diesel blends of R20 and above are available at roughly 574 stations, primarily in California6. Blend levels of biodiesel and renewable diesel lower than 20% are more widely available.

Fuel quality: Like all types of fuel, biodiesel quality can vary depending on the fuel producer. Chevron Renewable Energy Group is helping lead the industry in biodiesel quality by going beyond the industry standard known as ASTM D6751, and participating in the BQ-9000® program, which includes additional quality assurance steps.

Biodiesel also exceeds some petroleum diesel specs, including higher Cetane content and better lubricity.

Cold weather use: Biodiesel may be used effectively in extreme cold weather with proper blending, handling, storage and use of additives, contrary to some misconceptions. Renewable diesel acts as a direct replacement for petroleum diesel, but it performs the same in cold weather as diesel. Resource guide: Using biodiesel in the winter.

Infrastructure development/storage: Biodiesel and renewable diesel can be used with existing infrastructure – including engines and storage tanks, generally requiring no additional investment.

Safe for Most Diesel Engines

Biodiesel blends up to B20 are approved for Cummins Inc. on-highway engines for past, present and future products. Therefore, incorporating lower carbon biodiesel fuels does not require switching from an internal combustion engine to a different engine technology, such as electric, that would require an immediate technology investment.

Learn how this drop-in fuel can help reduce GHG emissions without compromising engine performance.

World-class Expertise and Support

From fuel sample testing to technical advice on storing, handling and blending, our Technical Services team offers world-class support. Find out how we can help keep your fleets performing year-round. Read how our tech support helps fleets perform in all conditions.

EnDura Fuels™ is Chevron Renewable Energy Group's complete line of fuel solutions that can help you work toward your company's lower carbon, performance and profitability targets.

Simple lower carbon solutions

  • Carbon Intensity (CI) scores that are lower than petroleum diesel allow for reduced carbon  intensity now
  • Use as a drop-in fuel or as a blend with traditional fuels in existing engine infrastructure

Affordable flexibility

  • Lower your lifecycle carbon emissions today with a product lineup that supports your profitability goals
  • Infrastructure investments that are typically less than other alternative fuel options
  • From product selection to order placement to delivery, we work to make implementing your fuel solutions seamless.

Performance Benefits

  • Higher Cetane for a shorter, more complete combustion ignition time
  • Added lubricity helps engines run smoother, cooler and quieter
  • Lower particulate matter helps reduce DPF clogging and regenerations
  • Helps reduce engine maintenance costs and increase equipment longevity

Supply Assurance

  • Feedstock flexibility provides added assurance of supply
  • Peace of mind with EnDura Fuels™ in leading quality assurance

Powerful Partnership

  • Offering unrivaled service and quality as one of the world's leading producers of bio-based fuels
  • Developing innovative products that deliver measurable carbon reduction for more than 25 years
  • Giving customers online access to information regarding their accounts and deliveries, including invoices, BOLs and volumes with our proprietary fuel dashboard
  • Providing ultimate scalability for quality, reliable renewable fuel now — for a lower carbon future

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