Design and Build Expertise

REG has designed, constructed and upgraded more biorefineries than any other company in the U.S. Our unmatched experience has allowed us to constantly improve and test new production technologies that lower operating costs, improve yields, expand our ability to harness lower-cost feedstocks and continue to push quality standards at our biodiesel and renewable diesel plants. 

The REG network of state-of-the-art biorefineries ensures we can deliver the highest quality product where and when you need it.

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  • REG-9000 Biodiesel
  • REG-9000 Distilled Biodiesel
  • REG Renewable Diesel
  • REG Ultra Clean Diesel
  • REG Blended Fuel
  • REG Diesel Fuel
  • REG Ethanol Blends
  • REG Gasoline
  • REG Glycerin
  • REG Methyl Esters
  • REG Bio-Residual Oil
  • REG Renewable Autogas
  • REG Renewable Naphtha
  • REG Biodiesel B
  • REG Potassium Sulfate
  • REG Renewable Chemicals
  • REG Heating Oil
  • Bioheat Blended Fuel