UltraClean BlenD: An LCFS Solution

Blending Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel into one LCFS Solution

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program has been in effect for approximately a decade. During that time, it’s fundamentally changed the way the state’s fuel and transportation industries operate, and its influence has spread to other state and local governments and even other nations.

With a goal of reducing petroleum dependency and greenhouse gas emissions, the LCFS has led to an influx of lower-carbon fuels into the California market. Two of those — biodiesel and renewable diesel — have become among the most trusted solutions thanks to their ability to reduce harmful emissions and their ease of use.

Now you can take advantage of the benefits of both fuels with a product that blends them together: UltraClean BlenDTM. Learn more in our white paper.

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