REG Fuel Terminals 

​Renewable Energy Group has fuel terminals from coast to coast, offering a range of our cleaner fuel, diesel, gasoline and heating oil products.  

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  • Biorefineries
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  • REG-9000 Biodiesel
  • REG-9000 Distilled Biodiesel
  • REG Renewable Diesel
  • REG Ultra Clean Diesel
  • REG Blended Fuel
  • REG Diesel Fuel
  • REG Ethanol Blends
  • REG Gasoline
  • REG Glycerin
  • REG Methyl Esters
  • REG Bio-Residual Oil
  • REG Renewable Autogas
  • REG Renewable Naphtha
  • REG Biodiesel B
  • REG Potassium Sulfate
  • REG Renewable Chemicals
  • REG Heating Oil
  • Bioheat Blended Fuel

A Robust Network of Fuel Terminals

Renewable Energy Group has spent years enhancing our downstream infrastructure in our efforts to supply fuel to our customers. We now have access to a sophisticated distribution system to supply fuel throughout North America, Europe and beyond. In addition to biodiesel and renewable diesel, customers get biodiesel blends, REG Ultra Clean®, Bioheat® blended fuel and heating oil at our terminals. Our terminals are also often co-located with petroleum diesel terminals so fuel distributors and customers can get a variety of blended fuel options right from the terminal. 

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