What Fleets Lose by Not Running on Biodiesel

The transportation sector is in a time of great change, and the sustainability movement is one of the main driving forces.

Nowhere is that more evident than in how commercial and public fleets power their vehicles. Never before have there been so many alternatives to diesel. Choosing the right fuel — or fuels — can be critical to their success.

Here’s what fleets miss out on by not picking biodiesel.

A seamless, cost-effective switch — With biodiesel, fleets can use their existing diesel vehicles and fueling infrastructure. It’s also readily available from suppliers and at truck stops and travel centers, so supply is not an issue.

The ability to reduce emissions now — Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86% compared with petroleum diesel, and because of its ease of use and availability, it’s able to reduce emissions now. That immediacy will help fleets meet sustainability targets and help society combat climate change.

A possible advantage in winning bids — Commercial Carrier Journal recently reported that sustainability requirements are starting to show up in RFPs, and as the magazine put it, “biodiesel helps win freight bids.”

The performance benefits — Fleet operators sometimes view alternative fuels skeptically when it comes to performance. There should be no such concerns with biodiesel. Its added lubricity decreases wear on fuel injectors and pumps, its higher Cetane leads to improved engine performance, and its cleaner burn sends less particulate matter to diesel particulate filters. Learn more in this video that takes you inside a diesel engine.

A good return on investment — Biodiesel’s performance and maintenance benefits can contribute to a lower total cost of ownership and a strong ROI, but ROI is about more than dollars and cents. The ability to win bids, meet clean air regulations and improve brand perception by being a sustainability provider all support a fleet’s bottom line and therefore should factor in as well.

The Chevron Renewable Energy Group advantage — Why not get all the benefits above and then some by partnering with Chevron Renewable Energy Group? We are a global producer of clean fuels, including biodieselrenewable diesel and UltraClean BlenD™. We are committed to excellence, with our fuels exceeding industry standards. We also have in-house experts committed to answering technical questions from customers.

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