REG Renewable Autogas — Bringing "Bio" to Propane

REG Renewable Autogas is produced from 100 percent renewable raw materials such as waste fats and oils. Renewable Autogas is a low carbon fuel for propane engines that offers extremely low emissions. Renewable autogas, also known as bio-propane, has similar feedstocks to biodiesel and renewable diesel and is another example of Renewable Energy Group transforming renewable resources into cleaner fuels.  

Features and Benefits

Ultra-low emissionsRenewable autogas-powered vehicles can have extremely low emissions in some settings — even lower than those powered by conventional propane. REG Renewable Autogas results in naturally low greenhouse gas and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.
Potential for lower maintenance costsA higher octane rating and cleaner combustion, leading to reduced oil contamination, can improve engine life compared to gasoline engines.
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