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Renewable Energy Group is a comprehensive fuel supplier offering everything from biodiesel, renewable diesel and blended fuel to ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and even gasoline and ethanol. All of our products are a result of scientific advancements to push fuel forward. Not only can REG deliver the highest quality transportation fuels, but we can also help you manage your fuel supply to ensure you always have optimum performance with minimized emissions in all four seasons.

Product Comparison

FuelCommon ApplicationsKey Benefits
REG-9000 BiodieselDiesel vehiclesReduced emissions, improved engine performance, added lubricity
REG-9000 Distilled BiodieselDiesel vehiclesCold weather performance, removal of minor components, purity
REG Renewable DieselDiesel vehiclesMeets ASTM diesel spec, lower Cloud Point, reduced emissions
REG Ultra Clean®Diesel vehiclesLowest carbon intensity liquid fuel, reduced emissions, CARB approved
REG Blended FuelDiesel vehiclesDrop-in fuel, reduced emissions, readily available
REG Diesel FuelDiesel vehiclesAvailable at REG terminals nationwide, can be blended with biodiesel
Renewable AutogasPropane vehiclesRenewable fuel, reduced emissions
GasolineGas-powered vehiclesMost common fuel in the U.S., can be blended with ethanol
Ethanol BlendsGas-powered vehiclesLower price, reduced emissions