Food AND Fuel

How the American Biodiesel Industry is Strengthening Food Security

American biodiesel is important to our country’s energy diversity and environmental goals. However, biodiesel also plays a vital role in strengthening food security and keeps grocery items, like meat, from increasing in price more than they already would due to inflation and petroleum energy costs.

As this paper will explain, biodiesel is employing a “food AND fuel™” approach by supporting the nation’s food supply chain in a number of important ways: giving farmers a market-based incentive to boost overall meat and grain production, adding economic value to the production cycle to help offset grocery price pressures over the long run, and supporting jobs and economic development, not only in the energy sector, but across a broad spectrum of industries. These are not potential benefits cast in the future tense, but rather real world outcomes of a productive alternative fuel industry that is working on a commercial scale for America today.

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