Path to Lower Carbon Intensity: Industry Survey of Shippers, Brokers & Carriers


A recent study conducted by Freightwaves in collaboration with Chevron Renewable Energy Group, indicated that approximately 62% of shippers, brokers and carriers across all modes either have carbon reduction goals in place or are actively working toward adoption of lower carbon solutions. The majority of those surveyed are also feeling pressure to demonstrate their efforts to customers who are increasingly tracking scope 3 emissions in their supply chain.

But both groups — the 62% with carbon reduction plans and the 38% without them — identified some key concerns over how to implement a lower carbon program with some perceived hurdles standing in the way.

This white paper will cover topics including:

  • Shipper, broker and carrier perceptions and attitudes toward various carbon reduction solutions.
  • Comparison of bio-based fuels’ effectiveness at lowering carbon versus alternative solutions.
  • Common misconceptions and considerations for transitioning to bio-based fuels, including price, quality, availability, engine performance, infrastructure implications, cold weather use, storage and other topics.
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