Heating Homes While Helping Lower Carbon Emissions

Learn how the Northeast is using low-carbon heating solutions.

In the New England region of the United States, snowfall averages anywhere from 60 to 120 inches per year, with temperatures getting as low as -20°F. The Northeast winters are often long, so having a well-heated home is essential. Traditional heating oil is the most common way homes are warmed in the Northeast. However, many heating oil dealers are increasingly blending biodiesel into their heating oil. This blended product is known as Bioheat®. Many New England states are enacting legislation for lower carbon heating oil solutions, with the additions of tax credits or usage requirements for biofuel-blended heating oil1:

New York

All heating oil sold for any building in New York currently must contain at least 5% biodiesel, increasing to 10% by 2025, and 20% by 2030.

Rhode Island

All heating oil sold in the state currently must contain 5% biodiesel or renewable diesel, growing to 10% by July 2023, 20% by July 2025, and 50% by July 2030.


All heating oil sold in the state currently must contain 5% biodiesel, 10% by July 2025, 15% by July 2030, 20% by July 2034, and 50% by July 2035.

Chevron Renewable Energy Group  has years of experience producing Bioheat®. Chevron Renewable Energy Group has been a longtime partner of Broco Energy, a fuel distributor located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Broco Energy sells B50 (a blend of 50% traditional heating oil, 50% biodiesel) to all of their customers.  

“Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s biodiesel is by far the most superior I’ve ever seen,” says Bob Brown, founder of Broco Energy. “Their distillation process is the best out there. It allows us to show that we’re selling a premium branded biodiesel. Because not all biodiesel is created equally.  “That’s a win-win,” Brown said. “They’re getting more life out of their systems just by using cleaner fuel, they’re saving money and they’re doing their part by embracing renewable fuels. “

Brown says he plans to implement B100 into the full Broco fleet as well, because it’s important that Broco Energy leads by example. “We are embracing this. We’re not just going to use biodiesel, we’re going to use it at a B100 level."


Bioheat®️ fuel is a registered trademark of Clean Fuels Alliance America, previously the National Biodiesel Board, used with permission.

1: https://mybioheat.com/bioheat-legislation/#:~:text=On%20December%2023%2C%202021%2C%20Governor,and%2020%25%20biodiesel%20by%202030.






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