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For more than a decade, Chevron Renewable Energy Group has been a reliable supplier of EN 14214 Biodiesel — an advanced biofuel that’s proven to meet diesel particulate matter and GHG emissions requirements. With more scrutiny on emissions worldwide, Chevron Renewable Energy Group wants to help the European mining industry be proactive in managing GHG and particulate matter emissions with our biofuel solutions. 

Supply assurance and local expertise. 

With a combined annual capacity of over 1.8 million tons of biodiesel and HVO production, Chevron Renewable Energy Group is one of the largest biodiesel producers in the world and can meet even your most demanding biodiesel volume requirements. 

  • Distribution of Chevron Renewable Energy Group Biodiesel spanning Central Europe, Nordics and Baltics, Balkans and the Mediterranean ensures you can get supply to all your mining operations. 
  • Long- or short-term contracts and spot loads available directly or through your current diesel fuel supplier. 
  • In addition to B100, Chevron Renewable Energy Group can also offer blended fuels such as B20 and B50. 
  • Expert support for handling and storage of Chevron Renewable Energy Group Biodiesel is just part of doing business with us. 
  • Multiple contract structure opportunities from a team with extensive risk management experience. 

Chevron Renewable Energy Group biodiesel meets or exceeds EN 14214 quality specifications. 

  • Quality for each lot is guaranteed with a Certificate of Analysis upon request. 
  • Superior biodiesel can be produced from ISCC Certified Waste Based Feedstock with REG’s in-house technology. 
  • REG products are ISCC Certified. 
  • Guaranteed GHG emission reductions of greater than 85%. 

Simple integration. Competitive pricing. 

Unlike other fuels on the market, biodiesel involves zero infrastructure changes. No special storage, no new fuel tanks, no new pumps or vehicles. And contrary to popular belief, biodiesel is very cost competitive with traditional ULSD. 

Chevron Renewable Energy Group HVO

In addition to Chevron Renewable Energy Group Biodiesel, we also offers HVO for mining applications: 

  • Low cloud point for exceptional operation in winter climates
  • High Cetane number for enhanced engine combustion
  • Low emissions
  • Meets EN 15940 specification 

Chevron Renewable Energy Group positive impact on U.S. mining. 

  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) requires diesel particulate matter (DPM) levels to be below 160 micrograms per cubic metre. Similar laws are expected in the EU soon for the mining industry. 
  • REG biodiesel has helped mining customers reduce emissions from 300–800 micrograms per cubic metre of air to 50–200 micrograms. 

EU mining graph.

Note: All emissions data taken from 2006 Cummins ISM 370 on Federal Test Procedure driving cycle, as reported in Durbin, Thomas D., et al. “CARB Assessment of the Emissions from the Use of Biodiesel as a Motor Vehicle Fuel in California Biodiesel Characterization and NOx Mitigation Study”. California Air Resources Board: Sacramento, CA (2011). Comparisons with Federal ULSD were conducted based on a linear comparison with CARB ULSD data. All biodiesel data shown is taken as an average of the means of high and low Cloud Point biodiesel emissions results, where available. 

Note: ISCC Certification guarantees the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production and use of all kinds of biomass in global supply chains. 

Chevron Renewable Energy Group Biodiesel (FAME EN 14214) 

Appearance: Clear and transparent 
Colour: Yellow 


Biodiesel specification.

1Contains BHT

Get started today. 

Chevron Renewable Energy Group can evaluate your needs and help identify the right biodiesel strategy to reach your goals, including customizing the quality parameters to meet your specifications. 




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