Benefits of Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a versatile fuel that has many beneficial advantages. Read on to find out more.


Year-round Fuel

Biodiesel can be used year-round. Trucks and other vehicles have driven below 32F (0° C) on high blends of biodiesel, including B100. It’s important to know the fuel’s Cloud Point, and proper storage and handling can help fleets run confidently on biodiesel blends in the winter while continuing to provide positive environmental benefits.

High Performance

Thanks to the oxygen in biodiesel, the renewable fuel has enhanced lubricity and higher Cetane. It’s combustion also results in lower particulate matter levels compared to petroleum diesel. Fleets using biodiesel report fewer issues with diesel particulate filters in Tier 4 engines. Plus, blends up to B20 provide similar horsepower, torque and fuel mileage in diesel engines.


Our unique agility in the market enables us to sell and distribute our product in multiple ways to meet our customers’ supply chain needs and help them work toward their lower carbon targets. See how Chevron Renewable Energy Group is equipped to get fuel to your company as quickly and safely as possible.

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High-quality biodiesel can be made out of a variety of feedstocks. A feedstock-flexible approach allows producers to capture the best characteristics of different feedstocks – meaning there is no one “best” feedstock. Having feedstock flexibility can help to prevent large impacts on finished fuel price when other feedstocks increase in price.

Food Supply

Biodiesel is made from excess or waste fats and oils from plants and animals. It has minimal impact on the food supply. Biodiesel is a Food-then-Fuel® approach that supports food expansion by creating more revenue streams for excess production or waste fats.

Easy  to Use

Biodiesel blends up to B20 are drop in fuels, meaning they require no modifications to fueling infrastructure or engines. While higher blends of biodiesel do require modifications to diesel engines, there is technology available to easily convert engines to use these higher blends such as Optimus Technologies.

OEM Warranties  

Biodiesel is manufactured to the ASTM D6751 specification – which is  supported by OEMs. One hundred percent of OEMs support using B5 biodiesel, and nearly ninety percent of medium- and heavy-duty truck OEMs support B20 blends.



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