Reds Go Green: Manchester United and Chevron Renewable Energy Group Team Up


Manchester United has always been cutting edge. Not only in terms of soccer, but in sustainability as well. The Club was one of the first in the world to launch a carbon reduction program in 2008. Manchester United has goals related to preventing air, land, and water pollution, as well as implementing renewable energy. They have reduced their waste by roughly 32% in the past eight years, lowered energy use by more than 31% since the team launched the program, and have lowered their annual emissions from their operations by 2700 tons.

The Club is also the first sports organization in the United Kingdom to earn the Carbon Trust Standard certification for their commitment to carbon reduction, and they have earned this award for six consecutive years. Manchester United is also the first football stadium in the UK that achieved the Green Tourism Business Award Gold Standard for green business practices.

Their efforts don't stop there. For Manchester United to achieve these goals, they sought out a partner that would help their sustainability efforts progress for years to come. That's where Chevron Renewable Energy Group comes in. Chevron Renewable Energy Group produces lower carbon fuels from waste and by-product fats and oils. These fuels can be used in vehicles with traditional diesel engines, typically without any modifications.

Since becoming partners, both organizations have been working together to find ways to achieve lower carbon targets within all areas of the club. They are also working to bring awareness to the masses on their joint mission to tackle climate change and create a lower carbon world. This has already come to life at Manchester United as they switch to using UltraClean BlenD™, a 100% renewable fuel, in their grounds keeping equipment and generators. 

"We are already an environmental leader among football clubs after 12 consecutive years of reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions," says Manchester United Chief Operations Officer Collette Roche. "We will now work with Renewable Energy Group to explore ways of shrinking our carbon footprint further. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change, and the goal of developing a greener, cleaner planet."

Learn more about the partnership here.