Advocating for Cleaner Fuels

Leading a transformation also means being a leader in telling the biodiesel and renewable diesel story. Renewable Energy Group is actively involved in advocating for public policies that support and impact REG and our business. 

We, alongside our trade association partners like the National Biodiesel Board, Advanced Biofuels Canada and the American Soybean Association, just to name a few, are focused on working with our elected officials in local, state and federal governments. 

The public policy issues we advocate for include the following:

Federal Issues

Biodiesel Mixture Excise Tax Credit (BTC)

Since the $1-per-gallon incentive began in 2005, biodiesel production has increased from 100 million to nearly 3 billion gallons.

Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2)

The Renewable Fuels Standard requires advanced biofuel blending by petroleum refiners and importers and is the industry’s significant market driver today.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency implemented the law in 2010 and, each year, sets volume requirements for the amount of renewable fuels consumed in the United States, including biomass-based diesel. 

Most recently, EPA officials proposed cuts to the volume requirements for biomass-based diesel and advanced biofuel. The agency is expected to release the final rule soon.

Read more about the RFS2 here.

State Issues

Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

California and Oregon have low carbon fuel standards that seek to reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels. Biodiesel, renewable diesel and REG Ultra Clean® are playing significant roles in these clean-air policies. 

Usage Requirements

Several states require and/or incentivize the use of biodiesel as part of their efforts to promote cleaner fuels. The Alternative Fuels Data Center is a great resource to learn more about each state's biodiesel laws.

Become an Advocate

Learn more about our advocacy for cleaner fuels and see how you can become an advocate by visiting our companion site, the REG Action Center.

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