Chevron Renewable Energy Group's Wellness Program

Chevron Renewable Energy Group’s wellness program provides a holistic approach to improving the overall health and wellbeing of employees and their families. That is why Chevron Renewable Energy Group offers a robust wellness program that's designed to inspire our employees and their families to embrace healthier lives. The program is based on five pillars of well-being and offers a variety of programs.

Physical Pillar

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Physical wellness is about renewing, supporting and sustaining quality physical health over a lifetime. It is having a sense of well-being even in the presence of disease or injury.

What this looks like:

  • Moving on a daily basis, eating nutritiously, being well rested and getting preventive exams

  • Outdoor areas exist for relaxation and activity, including walking and biking paths

  • Work environments support healthy movement, healthy foods and regular breaks

Mental Pillar

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Mental wellness is our intellectual capacity, including creativity, innovation, personal interests, uniqueness and ability to focus.

What this looks like:

  • Practicing mindfulness for clarity and focused attention

  • Continued personal and professional growth, creating satisfaction in work and life

  • Autonomy in the work place with supervisory support and encouragement for continuous learning

  • The Chevron Renewable Energy Group Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential, short-term counseling from licensed professional counselors covering a full range of personal issues and fostering a healthy work/life balance. Emergency help is available 24/7.

Financial Pillar

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Financial wellness is satisfaction with one's overall standard of living. It represents our ability to effectively manage our economic lives. It is our financial security.

What this looks like:

  • Confidence in executing a budget, living within our means and saving for the future

  • Being undistracted by financial worries and having resources and tools available

  • Spending money on memories and experiences, not things

Community Pillar

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Communities serve as great sources of joy and support for Chevron Renewable Energy Group. They give us a sense of belonging and comfort, which can carry us through the good times and bad. Healthy communities are built on healthy relationships, where we can both give and take. Intentionally creating our communities, we seek out opportunities to connect with others and take time to care for one another. Consider some of the resources below to learn how you can strengthen your community. 

What this looks like:

  • Active participation through volunteer time, charitable donations or gifts of talent

  • Interaction with neighbors, friends and family

  • Sense of safety and pride in the community

  • An environment that is supportive of healthy and active lifestyles


Social Pillar

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Social wellness is defined by caring relationships, meaning in life and values that guide our every day. It is our purpose.

What this looks like:

  • Having purpose and passion in work and life, and living our values through our actions

  • Genuine caring, concern and compassion among colleagues

  • Being fully engaged and interacting with energy and enthusiasm

  • Having clarity of vision that provides meaning and inspires our best everyday