Professional and Career Development Opportunities

Chevron Renewable Energy Group team members can take advantage of a variety of instructor-led and on-demand learning opportunities to increase their knowledge, develop their skills and grow in their leadership. Here are a few favorites:

Individual Development

Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue© teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional or risky topics. Each Chevron Renewable Energy Group facility has at least one trained, certified Crucial Conversations facilitator.

Team Member Development

Catalyst is a multi-day learning event, offered in-person and virtually, that provides Chevron Renewable Energy Group team members with the opportunity to explore their own strengths and work styles to better understand the role they play in Chevron Renewable Energy Group's success. Participants gain a new perspective on teamwork, improved collaboration skills, and tools to maximize their effectiveness as individual contributors and as team players. Participants also come away energized, with new and stronger relationships with their peers, senior leaders and key partners within Chevron Renewable Energy Group.

Catalyst food bank.
Above: Team members who participate in Catalyst practice their teaming skills by volunteering as a group.

Catalyst marshmallow challenge.
Above: Catalyst participants form teams and compete to build the tallest tower in the Marshmallow Challenge.

Leadership Development

Lead Operator Training challenges leaders in the plants – with or without formal authority – to learn new skills, increase their leadership competency and improve their teams’ performance. The virtual format allows participants to network with, and learn from, peers and leaders who work at Chevron Renewable Energy Group facilities throughout the United States.