REG Renewable Diesel — Petroleum Diesel's Cleaner Alternative

Renewable diesel is an advanced biofuel that is made from the same renewable resources as biodiesel but using a process that involves heat, pressure and hydrogen to create a cleaner fuel that's chemically identical to petroleum diesel. That similarity means 100 percent renewable diesel can be used in most diesel engines without modifications. It also blends easily with both traditional diesel and biodiesel. Because it's made with plant and animal fats, renewable diesel offers greatly reduced emissions and improved performance compared to petroleum diesel.

Features and Benefits

100% hydrocarbon renewable fuelVirtually identical chemically and physically to petroleum diesel yet delivers enhanced emission, performance and sustainability benefits of biofuel.
Easy to useCan be used in existing diesel engines without modification in concentrations of up to 100% and requires no changes to shipping, handling and storing practices. 
Easy blending with petroleum diesel or biodieselCan be blended at varying concentrations based on economics or other factors. Blends with biodiesel to create a 100% renewable, low-emission, high-performance fuel. 
Increased CetaneHigher Cetane indicates quicker and more complete ignition of the fuel, which improves efficiency, reduces emissions and allows for easier starting and smoother running.  
Lower carbon intensity scoreBecause renewable diesel can be produced from a wide array of organic feedstocks, its lower carbon intensity score can help meet regulatory requirements.
Reduced emissions Compared to ULSD, renewable diesel reduces total hydrocarbons by more than 10 percent, particulate matter by nearly 40 percent, carbon monoxide by 25 percent and nitrogen oxides by 15 percent.*

*Data based on California Air Resources Board assessments compared to federal ULSD.

Meeting Customer Demands for Sustainability

Renewable diesel has helped California Fuels and Lubricants satisfy increasing demand for low-carbon fuels.

Case Study

Hear how a truck stop profited from offering renewable diesel to help its customers meet California's stringent environmental regulations. 

Read the Case Study

The Latest Evolution in Sustainable Fuel

For all its chemical similarities to petroleum diesel, renewable diesel's big difference is in sustainability. Compared with ULSD, renewable diesel reduces the following:

  • Total hydrocarbons by more than 10%
  • Particulate matter by nearly 40%
  • Carbon monoxide by 25%
  • Nitrogen oxides by 15%. 

*Data based on California Air Resources Board assessments compared to federal ULSD.

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