REG Ultra Clean™ Diesel — The Perfect Blend

The latest innovation in renewable fuel is a blend of biodiesel and renewable diesel that creates one of the lowest carbon intensity liquid fuels available. Patent-pending REG Ultra Clean™ Diesel combines the best properties of both fuels including biodiesel's added lubricity and renewable diesel's high Cetane and low Cloud Point. Then there are the significant emissions benefits from blending renewable diesel with biodiesel. It's no wonder that REG Ultra Clean Diesel is an approved fuel by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), one of the most progressive clean air agencies in the world.

Features and Benefits

Reduced emissionsThe best of both fuels’ emission profiles combine to significantly reduce total hydrocarbons (more than 20 percent), particulate matter (more than 40 percent), carbon monoxide (more than 25%) and NOx (by 10%) compared to petroleum diesel.* 
High performanceHigher Cetane for better performance, added lubricity for reduced engine wear, lower aromatics for improved public health and excellent Cloud Point for good cold-weather usage. 
Ease of useCan be transported, stored and handled without any changes to a petroleum diesel delivery and storage infrastructure.
Strong supplyWith renewable diesel demand outpacing supply, blending in biodiesel can help stretch renewable diesel allocations while still offering an extensively renewable product.  
CARB ApprovedApproved for year-round use by the California Air Resources Board, which oversees the state's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). 

* Data based on California Air Resources Board assessments compared to federal ULSD.

Truck Stop Attracts Business with REG Ultra Clean™ Diesel

Hear how a truck stop operator uses REG Ultra Clean Diesel to drive profits and help customers meet California's stringent environmental regulations. 

Case Study

California Fuels & Lubricants has found success and reached new customers by offering REG Ultra Clean™ Diesel and other renewable fuels.

Read the Case Study

The Sum of Two Biofuels is Greater Sustainability

Blending biodiesel with renewable diesel to create REG Ultra Clean™ Diesel gives users the best properties of each fuel. That makes a big difference with sustainability. Compared to petroleum diesel, REG Ultra Clean Diesel reduces total hydrocarbons by more than 20 percent, particulate matter emissions by more than 40 percent, carbon monoxide emissions by more than 25 percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by 10 percent.

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