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Renewable Energy Group is a full-service fuel provider. In addition to selling neat biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), we also supply blended fuel at our terminal locations across the U.S. This is a good option for customers who don’t want to do their own fuel blending. We can get you the blend level you want, from B2 to B20 blends or higher. Meet your sustainability, performance and financial goals while enjoying the convenience of having blended fuel delivered to your locations from one supplier.

Features and Benefits

ConvenienceBiodiesel blends can be utilized in existing infrastructure and engines with no modifications.
Ease of useCan be transported, stored and handled without any changes to a petroleum diesel delivery and storage infrastructure.
Backed by ASTMASTM D7467-18a sets standards for B6-B20. The biodiesel and petroleum diesel components of a blend must also conform to their own ASTM standards.
Added qualityREG participates in the voluntary BQ-9000® accreditation program, bringing added quality with every load.
OEM acceptance100% of OEMs support B5 blends. Nearly 90% of medium- and heavy-duty truck OEMs support B20.

Finding the Right Blend Level

What is the right biodiesel blend for my operation? This is one of the most common questions REG receives from fleets and retailers. Here are some tips for how to answer it.

Case Study

Sustainability is important to Ruan, one of America's largest transportation companies. That's why they've turned to REG to provide them with biodiesel blends. 

Read the Case Study

Add Biodiesel, Subtract Emissions

A little bit of biodiesel goes a long way toward helping the environment. A B20 blend has been shown to reduce particulate matter and carbon monoxide emissions by over 10 percent and unburned hydrocarbons by over 20 percent in heavy-duty highway engines compared with petroleum diesel.*


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