REG-9000 Biodiesel — the Ultimate in Biodiesel

The REG-9000 Biodiesel product lineup is high quality biodiesel that exceeds industry standards. It meets more stringent standards than the minimum ASTM D6751 biodiesel specification, regardless of feedstock. And it delivers value in terms of cost, performance and reduced emissions. Whether you are a fleet in California, an obligated party in Texas, a regional petroleum distributor in the Southeast, an underground mine near the Rockies, or a farmers’ cooperative in Illinois, or anywhere in between, REG-9000 Biodiesel is available when and where you need it. 

Features and Benefits

Low cloud pointThree formulations with Cloud Points as low as minus 2° C for cold weather use.
Higher purityProprietary cold soak filtration helps remove minor components. 
Highest qualityProduced in BQ-9000® accredited biorefineries to a standard exceeding ASTM D6751.    
Reduced emissions

Cuts lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86%1. Compared with petroleum diesel, B100 reduces the following emissions in heavy-duty highway engines2:

  • Total hydrocarbons by nearly 70%
  • Particulate matter by nearly 50%
  • Carbon monoxide by nearly 50%
Increased lubricityAdds lubricity, which is lacking in ULSD, helping reduce engine wear and helping engines run cooler, quieter and smoother.
Higher Cetane than petroleum dieselFaster ignition for a more complete burn, improving performance.   
Highly biodegradable, high flash pointSafe to handle and store, low toxicity compared to other common substances.


Fleets See Quick Payoff Using Biodiesel

G&D Integrated is a 400-vehicle for-hire carrier and third-party logistics provider that has seen environmental and economic benefits from using biodiesel. 


Case Study

An Illinois-based company operating a national fleet thrives on the performance, financial and environmental benefits it receives from biodiesel.

Read the Case Study

Biodiesel: Clean Fuel for the Environment

When it comes to renewable fuels, biodiesel is among the most Earth-friendly available. Biodiesel is made from things like used cooking oil, distillers corn oil and animal fat that would otherwise go to waste, which means the production of biodiesel has no negative impact on the world's food supply. That combined with biodiesel's well-documented ability to lower emissions make it a fuel that delivers significant environmental benefits. 

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