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Chevron Renewable Energy Group's renewable fuel solutions can help companies comply with the IMO 2020 0.5% sulfur cap regulation and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Ultra Biodiesel

High-Performance Fuels That Meet Your Needs

EnDura Fuels™ is Chevron Renewable Energy Group's complete line of fuel solutions that provide renewable alternatives to traditional marine fuels produced from fossil fuels. Chevron Renewable Energy Group's renewable marine fuels provide many valuable benefits.

Drop-In Fuel

  • Provides a minimum net calorific value of 35,000 J/g and has a high flashpoint
  • Can be used as a drop-in fuel or as a blend with traditional marine fuels in existing engines using current infrastructure
  • Continues to assured performance and fuel stability, as well as added lubricity
  • Economical fuel solutions that deliver measurable carbon reduction


  • Produced from bio-based feedstock — used cooking oil, inedible corn oil, animal fat, etc. — renewable and accessible resources
  • Fuel quality is ensured, regardless of feedstock
  • May be eligible for incentives and lower carbon reduction programs from local, federal or European governments
  • Ultimate scalability for quality, reliable renewable fuel now — for a lower carbon future

Supply Assurance

  • Feedstock flexibility provides added security on supply
  • Peace of mind with InfiniD™ and PuriD™ due to our leading quality assurance programs

Effective Carbon Reduction

  • Produces less particulate matter than other conventional fuel sources
  • One of the lowest carbon intensities of any commercially available liquid fuel
  • Virtually sulfur-free
  • Enables lower carbon air at ports by helping to reduce their overall CO₂ emissions

Additional facts

  • The ISO 8217 marine fuel specification currently allows a 7% FAME blend1
  • Test results from a leading global shop engine manufacturer suggest that FAME blends up to 30% in current marine fuels can work without operational issues such as filter plugging2
  • Additional studies established that switching between renewable fuels and traditional marine fuels does not pose challenges or create limitations on engines3
  • Currently testing the use of 100% renewable fuels in marine applications
  • Chevron Renewable Energy Group provides a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each lot of InfiniD™ and PuriD™

A Powerful Partnership

  • Economical fuel solutions that deliver measurable carbon reduction
  • Innovative products from one of the world's largest bio-based diesel producers
  • Unrivaled service as your vital link in the global supply chain
  • Ultimate scalability for quality, reliable, renewable fuel now — for a lower carbon future

1FAME — Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

2 Alternative fuels from a medium-speed engine manufacturer's perspective, Wärtsilä Corporation

3 Biofuels in Ships —

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