A Full-Service Fuel Delivery Company

Renewable Energy Group is not only a fuel producer. We also deliver fuel and fuel additives in select markets and offer a range of other services aimed at helping your organization succeed.


REG Fuel Delivery Services

Our transportation, construction, retail and agricultural customers know that when they partner with REG they get:

  • High-quality fuel — Meets or exceeds industry and customer specifications
  • Pricing options — Including fixed-price and indexed contracts
  • Fuel delivery of all sizes — Loads as small as 100 gallons on up to 8,500 gallons
  • Fuel tank rental — Tanks range from 500 to 2,000 gallons
  • Inventory management — Both manual monitoring of tanks and a system by which tank levels are tracked remotely
  • Generator service — Pump out old fuel and pump in new fuel and fuel additives and treatments to keep generators running in peak condition


Southern California's Only Full-Service Petroleum Distributor

In 2022, Renewable Energy Group acquired the Amber Resources Family of Companies. Amber Resources is a leading Southern California full-service distributor of diesel, gasoline, lubricants, diesel exhaust fluid, race fuel, military-spec lubricants and industrial services.

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Who We Serve

Our diverse product and service offering allows us to meet the needs of customers in a variety of on- and off-road markets including:

  • Trucking fleets
  • Government fleets
  • Construction companies
  • Convenience stores
  • Farms

Our Fuel Lineup

REG is known for our biodiesel, but we have a full offering of on- and off-road liquid fuels and fuel additives. Check out our comprehensive product lineup:

Fuel TypeFuel Benefit
BiodieselA cleaner-burning, drop-in replacement to petroleum diesel, we have neat biodiesel and biodiesel blends
Ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)We offer #1 and #2 diesel and, at select locations, dyed diesel fuel for off-road use
Gasoline and ethanol blendsRegular unleaded, E10 gasohol or even higher blends such as E15 and E85 are available
Fuel additivesWe have cold flow additives for low temps and premium fuel additives that increase a fuel’s performance and storage characteristics
Biocide treatmentIncreasingly important with the lower sulfur levels of today’s diesel fuel, this treatment removes bacteria and fungus from fuel and can prevent microbial contamination

The REG Difference

When you become an REG customer, you get more than fuel delivery. We are a full-service partner to your business.

This starts with our years of experience in fuel production. We are North America’s largest producer of biodiesel, we have partnerships up and down the supply chain, and our fuel is sold throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Our Technical Services team, state-of-the art laboratory and R&D efforts put us in a unique position to answer your fuel-related questions. We’re also experts on fuel infrastructure and a resource for you on fuel blending, storage and quality control. We can even give you tips on keeping water out of storage tanks.

There’s also the growing emphasis on sustainability in the transportation and fuel industries. Many fleets are setting environmental goals or are being asked to help their customers meet sustainability targets. And increasingly, many are operating in regions where laws and regulations require emissions reductions.

Our low-carbon fuels offer you an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint while still using your existing equipment. They can also provide performance benefits and even reduce a fleet’s total cost of ownership. Learn more about how the sustainability movement is changing the transportation industry in our fleet sustainability white paper.

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