Sarah Kozak

General Manager, Value Chain Optimization

Sarah Kozak currently serves as Senior Manager, Value Chain Optimization (VCO). In this role, Ms. Kozak leads an organization of 17 people that optimizes activity from feedstock acquisition to product placement for the eight biodiesel and one renewable diesel sites located in the United States of America. In addition to optimization remit, VCO at Chevron Renewable Energy Group also includes all Oils Planning activities for the nine U.S. production sites, feedstock analytics and system modernization activity.  

Prior to this role, Ms. Kozak spent 19 years with BP. In that time, she gained experience in process engineering, value chain optimization, linear programs, oils planning for refining, energy strategy, market analytics supporting oil trading activities and origination for hydrogen and carbon capture. To date, she has directly led five separate teams. 

Ms. Kozak holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University.