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We’re leading the way toward a brighter future by transforming renewable resources into cleaner fuels that reduce emissions, improve engine performance and create green jobs.

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InfiniD™ is a high-quality biofuel for use in all conventional diesel applications.

+ Enables decarbonization today with much lower Carbon Intensity (CI) than petroleum diesel

+ Sustainable oxygenated fuel option that can improve combustion quality and lubricity of petroleum fuels

+ Cleaner engine emissions: decreases harmful pollutants in tailpipe emissions from legacy engines and reduces
the burden on New Technology Diesel Engines (NTDE) emissions control systems (fewer DPF regenerations,
for example)

+ Compared to petroleum diesel, InfiniD™ can reduce engine emissions by:
• Up to 100% for fossil carbon¹
• Up to 70% for total hydrocarbon²,³
• Up to 70% for particulate matter³

EnDura Fuels™ is Renewable Energy Group’s complete line of fuel solutions that will help you meet your company’s  sustainability, performance and profitability goals.

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Ultra Biodiesel

PuriD™ is produced using advanced refining processes and testing procedures to meet Renewable Energy Group’s next-generation quality standards.

+ Stringent quality standards that exceed ASTM, CEN and CGSB biodiesel quality requirements

+ Developed specifically for virtually seamless blending with renewable diesel

+ Enables fuel users to confidently increase biodiesel blend levels year-round

+ Carbon Intensity (CI) scores that are much lower than petroleum diesel allow for decarbonization now

+ PuriD™ blends with petroleum diesel can be managed using the same cold flow properties you use to
manage your petroleum fuels

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Renewable Diesel + Biodiesel

UltraClean BlenD™ is a proprietary, 100% renewable fuel combination of VelociD™ and PuriD™ that allows decarbonization today in virtually any diesel application.

+ Superior lubricity to renewable diesel and can even have a lower freezing point

+ Carbon Intensity (CI) scores that are much lower than petroleum diesel allow for decarbonization today

+ UltraClean BlenD™ can provide the lowest overall engine emissions of any diesel fuel option

+ Elastomer swell, density and bulk modulus properties of UltraClean BlenD™ are a better match for conventional diesel
than 100% renewable diesel
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Renewable Diesel

VelociD™ is a clean-burning, ultra-high Cetane hydrocarbon renewable fuel. 

+ Stringent quality standards that exceed ASTM, CEN and CGSB specification requirements + Low Carbon Intensity
(CI) enables decarbonization today

+ Compared to petroleum diesel, VelociD™ can reduce engine emissions by:

• Up to 100% for fossil carbon¹
• Up to 40% for particulate matter³ 
• Approximately 15% for nitrogen oxides (NOx)³

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

BeyonD™ is a low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that will help lead the decarbonization of the aviation industry.

+ Meets the ASTM D7566 fuel specification

+ Produced with no fossil carbon, allowing dramatic reductions in direct aircraft fossil carbon emissions¹

+ Clean-burning blendstock for petroleum jet fuel

Compliance & sustainability certifications and commitments

+ Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

+ California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

+ International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) and REDcert

+ Norwegian Environmental Agency Guidelines

+ Biodiesel Tax Credit (BTC)

+ Global commitment to Net Zero

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