Become a Feedstock Supplier

As the largest producer of biodiesel in the U.S. and a leading producer of renewable diesel, Renewable Energy Group needs a lot of feedstock to make our fuels. We also have a feedstock flexible production process, which allows us make our biofuel from a variety of feedstocks. Just as our customers look for us to be a reliable supplier of high-quality fuels, we look for reliable feedstock suppliers to help us make our fuel.  

Feedstock Development 

At ​REG, we are focused on using a wide variety of natural fats and oils for conversion into advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals. Our multi-feedstock approach has allowed us to stand out in the industry, offers greater security in the face of uncertain commodity costs and lets us use feedstocks with lower carbon intensity — all while using our advanced production methods to meet or exceed ASTM D6751 standards in the U.S.

As we look to the future, we anticipate the use of even more alternative feedstocks such as camelina oil, jatropha oil and algae oil, all of which have been produced at laboratory scale to ASTM quality standards.