Renewable Energy Group — Much More Than Biodiesel

We know that if we were to ask fleets what Renewable Energy Group does, many would say we’re a producer of biodiesel. 

The reality is we are a full-service fuel provider. Our product lineup includes the following:

  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) 
  • 100% biodiesel (B100)
  • Biodiesel blends from B2 to B20 and higher
  • Renewable diesel
  • A blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel called REG Ultra Clean®

The fuel that sometimes surprises people is ULSD. At some terminals, we can supply both No. 1 diesel and No. 2 diesel. We can also offer dyed fuel for off-road use.

Our terminals are often co-located with petroleum diesel terminals so fuel customers can create their desired biodiesel blend at the terminal before further downstream blending. We also offer preblended fuel for customers who don’t want to blend themselves.

These terminal locations are part of an ongoing effort to enhance our downstream infrastructure so that we are the best supplier possible for our customers. Our extensive delivery infrastructure — which includes truck, train, river barge and deep-water tankers — can deliver fuel across North America.

For customers in cold-weather regions, REG can manage their biodiesel fuel supply, adjusting the blend as needed to ensure maximum performance and emission reduction in every season. 

Our expertise extends to other fuel-related services, including helping you handle renewable identification numbers (RINs) in a way that is most beneficial to your business. REG also sells biofuel that does not have RINs attached to it if that is the best solution for your business. We can also create risk management strategies and help increase efficiency in your fuel acquisition and delivery process.   

Learn how REG can meet your complete fuel needs. Call us at (844) 405-0160.


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