Clean-Burning Biodiesel to Sustainably Power Your Fleets

InfiniD™ is a high-quality biofuel for use in all conventional diesel applications.


Key Facts: Compared to petroleum diesel, InfiniD™ can reduce engine emissions by:


Up to 100% for fossil carbon1


Up to 70% for total hydrocarbon2,3


Up to 70% for particulate matter3


Biodiesel: Clean Fuel for the Environment

  • MarineMarine
  • FleetFleet
  • RailRail
  • MiningMining
  • Power GenerationPower Generation

For more information, download Renewable Energy Group's InfiniD™ fact sheet.


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1Product is produced utilizing 100% renewable oils and fats. Methanol used to make biodiesel and hydrogen used to make renewable diesel and SAF are typically made from conventional natural gas.
3 Reductions based on emissions data from California Air Resources Board and compared to U.S. federal ULSD, (Dubin, et al., 2011)