COVID-19: Our Commitment

At Renewable Energy Group, our values include safety, integrity and humanity. We live those all year long, but never have they felt more important than during the unprecedented challenges the world is facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

A Commitment to Safety

Keeping our employees, customers and communities safe is a top priority. We established a COVID-19 response team early in the pandemic. This group monitors the situation continuously so that we are making informed decisions and mitigating risks.

REG employees able to work remotely have been doing so since mid-March. In our biorefineries, we instituted scheduling changes to protect our employees. We practice social distancing, including limiting all non-essential visitors on-site and eliminating as much person-to-person interactions with our vendors and customers as possible. We have stepped up on cleaning and disinfecting workspaces and monitor federal and state guidelines on workplace health and safety actions. The same is true for areas visited by our customers, such as loading and unloading areas. Combined, these precautions help keep not only our workplaces safe but also the homes and communities to which our employees and customers return.

REG plant employee

Supporting Essential Industries

We have been identified as part of the nation's essential critical infrastructure by the U.S. federal government because of the role we play in supporting other vital industries, including transportation and agriculture. We continue to produce and deliver clean fuel for fleets that are hauling critical medical supplies, food and household items. We are also a key part of the agriculture industry, with many of the feedstocks used to make our biofuels coming from agricultural waste and byproducts.

truck on road

Minimizing Customer Impact

Our production facilities continue to operate as essential businesses, as biodiesel and renewable diesel are products that customers depend on daily during the pandemic response. Our sales, technical, procurement and support teams also continue to assist customers with the high level of service they’ve always provided. Please do not hesitate to contact us to let us know how we can help you.

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