A Simple Step for Cleaner Air Today

Higher temperatures. Longer and more intense wildfire and hurricane seasons. More frequent droughts. Less snowpack and melting glaciers. The signs of climate change are all around us. The chief cause is greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including those from human activities like burning fossil fuels.

In the U.S., the largest contributor to GHG emissions is the transportation sector. That makes it critical that commercial and public fleets take action to reduce their emissions, and they must start now. Climate scientists say we must make “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes” to limit global warming this decade or the results could be irreversible.

Meanwhile, much of the conversation around transportation has been about alternative energy sources of the future, such as electric trucks, and too many fleets are waiting to do anything. The environment cannot afford to wait. Each day a fleet fails to switch to cleaner fuels, more harmful emissions enter our communities, worsening the effects of climate change and making it harder to address the problem.

Diesel fleets, their customers and policymakers should look to options that can make a difference now. That includes biodiesel, a lower-carbon fuel that works in existing diesel equipment, allowing fleets to cut their emissions today.

Why wait? 

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