VelociD™: REG's Renewable Diesel

Reduce emissions without sacrificing performance.

VelociD™ is an advanced biofuel from Renewable Energy Group that reduces greenhouse emissions while meeting the same ASTM-D975 specification as petroleum diesel. It can be added to the existing pipeline system, making it easy to incorporate into the diesel stream.

Fuel Specifications

  • VelociD™ is 100 percent hydrocarbon — like petroleum diesel.
  • VelociD™ can be blended with biodiesel and petroleum diesel.
  • Blends can be used in any diesel engine without modifications.
  • VelociD™ aids self-ignition of fuel and allows for easier starting, smoother running engines and reliable operation because of increased cetane

Fuel Benefits

  • Renewable Diesel is included in the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) standards to meet a portion of the annual alternative fuel vehicle acquisition requirements.
  • It has been tested by the EPA and passes their Clean Air Health Effects testing requirements.
  • RD qualifies for various state biofuel tax incentives.

Analysis of VelociD™ (Renewable Diesel)

Property REG-9000 Limit D975 ULSD Limit Units
Cloud Point Report Report °C
Water & Sediment 0.05 0.05 % volume
Conductivity 25, min 25, min pS/m
Flash Point 52, min 52, min °C
Ramsbottom Carbon 0.35 0.35 % mass
Ash 0.01 0.01 % mass
Kinematic Viscosity (40°C) 1.9 - 4.1 1.9 - 4.1 mm2/sec
Distillation Temperature at 90% 282 - 338 282 - 338 °C
Copper Corrosion No. 1 No. 3 N/A
Sulfur 5 15 ppm
Aromaticity 2 35 % volume
Cetane Number 65, min 40, min N/A



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