Chevron Renewable Energy Group Product Lineup

Fueled by Leadership Since the Beginning

The fuel industry is changing, and Chevron Renewable Energy Group is at the forefront of it all. With more than 100 years of combined biodiesel experience, our management team has evolved the company from a single biodiesel production facility in 1996 into a nationally recognized, fully integrated, biomass-based fuel and renewable chemicals company. Our wealth of knowledge can help you run a successful operation and meet sustainability goals with renewable products.

Fueled by Expertise

At Chevron Renewable Energy Group, leading the renewable fuels and chemicals industry means leading in every aspect of the business.

Our experts stay up to the minute on state and federal regulations, incentives, RIN trading and other important policy issues. We know current tax codes and credits inside and out, and we offer top-rate technical support when and where you need it. All the while, we constantly develop new and innovative ways to change the world with renewable fuels.

InfiniD™ (Biodiesel)

After more than 20 years leading the industry and more than a billion gallons sold, we know biodiesel better than anybody.

With our vast knowledge, we ensure our customers get the most benefits possible from using biodiesel by staying up to the minute on state and federal regulations, incentives and other important policy issues.


Where clean energy meets smart business.
The wide range of benefits that comes with InfiniD™ stretch far beyond sustainability. You can also use InfiniD™ to boost profits, performance and efficiency as you achieve emissions goals.

  • Economic advantages, such as tax incentives and RIN trading.
  • Enhanced energy security and diversity.
  • Increased lubricity to keep engines cooler, running quieter and operating longer.
  • Reduced life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions by 57 to 86%.
  • The most advanced quality control measures in the industry, with all products meeting or exceeding the stringent ASTM D6751 quality standard.
  • National supply and logistics for convenient, on-demand biodiesel delivery, including a dedicated rail car fleet and nationwide truck fleet partnership.
  • Produced at BQ-9000® accredited biorefineries, ensuring quality with every batch.

PuriD™ (Ultra Biodiesel)

The clear solution for winter performance.

We know cloud point is important when it comes to determining winter performance — but we also know it isn’t everything. Distilled biodiesel is the purist type of biodiesel. With advanced cold-flow properties, it is a superior choice for reliable performance even in colder temperatures.

  • Eliminates the need to switch to a lower cloud point biodiesel during winter months.
  • Is easy to blend with petroleum, since there are fewer minor components.
  • Reduces potential for filter plugging due to reduced minor components. Plus, non-vegetable oil feedstocks increase cetane numbers for better engine performance.

Cold Soak Filter Blocking Tendency (CSFBT)

  • Measures filter pressure increase for blended fuels.
  • This test predicts the impact of minor components — including steryl glucosides — that can solidify in biodiesel blends in cold conditions.
  • The lower the CSFBT score, the better the cold weather performance.

Examples of CSFBT Scores:

  • Lowest Possible Score: 1.0
  • REG-9000: <1.4
  • Undistilled Low-cloud Biodiesel: 1.6-3.0

VelociD™ (Renewable Diesel)

A smart fuel alternative.

This advanced biofuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions while meeting the ASTM D975 specification for petroleum diesel. It can be added to the existing pipeline system — making it easy to incorporate into the diesel stream.

  • Qualifies for several state and federal biofuel tax incentives.
  • Just like petroleum diesel, it’s compatible with any diesel engine without modifications.
  • Blends well with biodiesel and petroleum diesel.
  • Allows for easier starting, smoother running engines and reliable operation due to increased cetane.
  • Included in the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 1992 standards to meet a portion of the annual Alternative Fuel Vehicle acquisition requirements.
  • Meets the EPA’s Clean Air Health Effects testing requirements.

Fueled by Performance

The benefits of switching to alternative fuel.

We understand you demand proven performance and will not sacrifice quality for sustainability. With biodiesel and renewable hydrocarbon diesel, that’s not a concern. Not only do they meet stringent ASTM specifications, but they also deliver impressive operational benefits.

  • Improved lubricity — Biodiesel can add fuel lubricity to diesel fuels at blend levels as low as 1 percent.1 This is especially helpful because ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) has led to less lubricity in petroleum diesel, and modern diesel engines rely on fuel to help the lubricating process.
  • High combustion quality — Biodiesel raises the cetane number of the fuel, speeding up combustion. Plus, the government says hydrocarbon diesel’s high combustion quality results in similar or better vehicle performance compared with conventional diesel.2

Fueled by sustainability

Biodiesel fuels are renewable and sustainable, making fleets better for the environment. Plus, biodiesel helps fleets achieve compliance as more state and federal mandates are put in place.

B100: 75% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to petroleum diesel.1
B20: 15% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to petroleum diesel.1
RD: Up to 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to petroleum diesel.3


Your Full-Service Fuel Supplier

In addition to offering high-quality biofuels, Chevron Renewable Energy Group makes it easy to meet your demand with a variety of fuel alternatives. This allows you to get everything you need from one convenient fuel supplier, including the traditional fuels you use today, such as ULSD and heating oil. Plus, we can help grow your business by offering:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Quality, rateable fuel.
  • Reasonable credit and payment terms.
  • Expertise — from tax credits to RINs to infrastructure.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced sales team.

Biodiesel Blended Fuel

We do the blending for you.

Chevron Renewable Energy Group offers biodiesel blended fuels from B2 to B20 from a growing network of terminals around the country. We make it easy by doing the blending for you, so you won’t need dedicated biodiesel tanks or blending capabilities.


Bioheat® Blended Fuel

A clean alternative for comfortable home heating.

Getting through a Northeast winter requires a reliable heating source. And Bioheat blended fuel is a reliable, superior-quality fuel that offers what homeowners are looking for — a clean, efficient alternative to traditional heating oil. Bioheat blended fuel:

  • Burns cleaner, more completely and more efficiently for less pollution.
  • Enhances and extends heating equipment life.
  • Reduces maintenance intervals.
  • Simple to implement, with no equipment modifications or changes in service required.

Chevron Renewable Energy Group Glycerin

Chevron Renewable Energy Group glycerin is high quality and consistent to meet your exact specifications. We use an advanced purification process to ensure impurities are removed and careful product testing to ensure quality is maintained.

  • Feedstock flexibility guarantees quality, regardless of the biodiesel feedstock.
  • Methanol recovery technology alleviates excess methanol in finished glycerin.
  • Impurities are removed before and during the production process.
  • Automated process controls glycerin quality.
  • Several sales contracting options are available to meet your budget and cash flow needs.

Additional products available from Chevron Renewable Energy Group include bioesters, renewable naphtha, renewable LPG, methyl esters and oleolipids.

Fueled by Partnership

At Chevron Renewable Energy Group, we take pride in creating a true partnership with you. Our dedicated and knowledgeable sales and support staff are here to help you with all aspects of your alternative fuel needs — from showing you how to blend to helping you navigate the complexities of biofuel tax credits.

No matter your role in the supply chain, we make it our business to know your business.


1 Alternative Fuels Data Center

2 Alternative Fuels Data Center

California Air Resources Board, staff report, November 2013




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