Chevron Renewable Energy Group Opens Company's First Fueling Station

Drivers have a new option just off Interstate 80 to fill up with biodiesel blends and diesel exhaust fluid: the first Chevron Renewable Energy Group-branded fueling station, located in Seneca, Illinois.

The Seneca Diesel Fueling Station, which opened July 17, is on the same property as the Chevron Renewable Energy Group Seneca biodiesel plant. This is an ideal spot for the retail fuel station. Chevron Renewable Energy Group Seneca has the most truck traffic of any of our biorefineries, and it is located just a short drive off a heavily travelled stretch of Interstate 80 about 70 miles west of Chicago. This allows trucks and any other diesel vehicles that support fast-fill nozzles to fill up quickly at any time and at a competitive price when they are in the area. It also gives those in the Seneca community an option that is easier to get in and out of then some stations, thanks to a bigger turnaround space.

The Seneca Diesel Fueling Station is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has a master dispenser as well as a secondary dispenser on the passenger side, giving large trucks the convenience of filling up two tanks without repositioning. The dispensers have fast-flow nozzles and are under a canopy that digitally displays the current prices. Customers can pay by credit card or fleet card and purchase biodiesel blends and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

This new opportunity also gives Chevron Renewable Energy Group a way to develop downstream channels by offering blends directly to the end-use customer at the pump, expanding the availability of our biodiesel.

In addition to reinforcing our commitment to producing cleaner fuels, we are excited to give fleets a convenient spot to fill up.

The new fueling station is located at 610 E. Shipyard Road, Seneca, Illinois. For additional information, please call Chevron Renewable Energy Group at (844) 405-0157 or email [email protected]