Northeast Heating Oil Dealers Commit to Renewable Future

nullOn June 5, NEFI unanimously passed a resolution, “Renewing Our Commitment to Renewable Liquid Heating Fuels.” The document calls on the heating oil industry “to achieve a 50% reduction in fossil fuel-based carbon emissions” by 2030  “and a net-zero carbon emissions profiles by 2050.” This follows NORA’s own stated goal to facilitate industry-wide B50 blending by 2030 and represents a growing consensus that the industry must change if it is to survive for future generations.
Here at Chevron Renewable Energy Group, our roots lie not only in the agriculture and renewable energy industries, but in the heating oil and petroleum sectors as well. It’s no coincidence that several of our sales team members came to Chevron Renewable Energy Group from the region’s leading oil companies. Chevron Renewable Energy Group has long worked with the oil refiners that are obligated parties under the Renewable Fuel Standard, and over the past decade we have made successful inroads with heating fuel wholesalers, distributors and dealers like you. Together, we’ve helped dispel myths about biodiesel and biodiesel blended Bioheat® fuel, and we’ve seen countless dealers from downstate New York to the Maine-Canada border become successful blending partners. As policymakers and customers throughout the region have increased their calls for low-carbon, renewable energy solutions, we have helped the heating oil industry answer that call time and time again.
Consider how far we’ve come since this video on Blended Fuels in the Northeast, filmed just five short years ago.
Over the years, more and more thought leaders and decision makers in the heating oil industry have recognized that their future is with renewable liquid heating fuels. Recent resolutions from the industry trade groups make it official. The future is not with B2 or B10 Bioheat® fuel — it’s B20, B50 and eventually B100. Chevron Renewable Energy Group is already helping heating oil dealers improve their environmental profiles and profit margins with blends of up to B20 and higher. As the heating oil and biofuel industries carve out a path to a true net-zero carbon future, Chevron Renewable Energy Group has the biodiesel, renewable diesel, and feedstock supply lines, as well as the expertise in storage and blending, needed to help our industries move fuel forward. 
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