How Biodiesel Products Can Keep You Warm

Those familiar with biodiesel associate the fuel mainly with transportation — and for good reason. That’s its primary use. But did you know it can also be used in heating applications

In buildings with heating systems that run on heating oil — something that’s especially common in the northeastern U.S. — biodiesel can be blended to create a product that reduces emissions, among other benefits.

As winter approaches, here’s a refresher on Chevron Renewable Energy Group products used in heating applications:

Bioheat® blended fuel

Biodiesel blended with traditional heating oil is known as Bioheat® blended fuel, and it has benefits for heating oil companies and homeowners alike.

This blend reduces more harmful emissions compared to traditional heating oil, without skimping on performance. It lessens carbon buildup on furnace components, helping extend equipment life and reducing the need for maintenance. Another perk is that no modification is required for storing, delivering or implementing Bioheat® blended fuel.

As more and more customers look for sustainability boosts, Bioheat® blended fuel offers a solid solution. It’s not only an easy switch — it’s a financially beneficial one in places where tax credits and regulations influence buying and usage trends. It also allows heating oil dealers to compete with companies distributing natural gas and other fuels.

Heating oil

Some Chevron Renewable Energy Group terminals offer straight heating oil. That makes it easy for heating oil companies that want the fuel on its own or who want to blend it with biodiesel themselves.

Bio-residual oil

REG Bio-Residual Oil, a co-product of the biodiesel refining process, is a renewable alternative to coal, natural gas and fuel oil for use in heating, power generation and other industrial settings.

The product offers exceptional performance and burns cleanly — producing less particulate matter than other fuel sources and boasting the lowest carbon intensity of any commercially available liquid fuel. It’s also easy to use. If equipment burns a heavy fuel oil, no infrastructure or storage updates are necessary.

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Bioheat® is a licensed trademark of the Clean Fuels Alliance America, used with permission.



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