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At REG, we're dedicated to meeting all of your fuel needs with industry-leading products and expertise.

As more incentives become available and usage requirements are put in place, REG continues to make biofuels more accessible. Our experienced sales team is dedicated to helping you make your journey with biofuels a success with industry insight and high-quality products. Plus, our experts will help you navigate the complexities of tax incentives and state usage requirements so you can increase profit margins as you meet compliance goals.

InfiniD™ (Biodiesel)

Where clean energy meets smart business.

The wide range of benefits that come with biodiesel stretch far beyond sustainability. You can also use InfiniD™ to boost profits, performance and efficiency as you achieve emissions goals.

  • Provides economic advantages with tax incentives and RIN trading.
  • Increased lubricity helps keep engines cooler, running quieter and operating longer.
  • Reduces life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions by 57 to 86% .1
  • Distilled product available for improved cold-weather performance.

Biodiesel Blended Fuel

We do the blending for you.

REG offers biodiesel blended fuels from B2 to B20 — and we make it easy by doing the blending for you. Plus, the environmental case for biodiesel blends is clear.

B100 - 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to petroleum. 

B20 -  15 % reduction in CO2 emissions compared to petroleum. 2

The benefits of switching to alternative fuel.

We understand you demand proven performance and will not sacrifice quality for sustainability. With biodiesel, that's not a concern. Not only does it meet stringent ASTM specifications, it also delivers impressive operational benefits.

  • Improved lubricity
    • Biodiesel can add lubricity to diesel fuels at blend levels as low as 1% .3
  • High combustion quality
    • Biodiesel raises the cetane number of the fuel, speeding up combustion.

Manufacturer guidelines for using biodiesel blended fuel.

OEMs Supporting B20
Artic Cat Isuzu Commericial Trucks
Buhler John Deere
Caterpillar Kubota
Fiat Chrysler - Ram & Jeep Mack
Cummins McCormick Tractors
Daimler Trucks, Including: Monaco RV
- Frieghtliner I Custom Chassis
PACCAR, Including:
- Thomas Built Busses - Kenworth
- Wester Star - Peterbilt
 Ferris Perkins
Ford Tomcar
GMC & Chevrolet
HDT USA Motorcycles
Volvo Trucks
Hino Trucks Workhorse
Navistar - International & MaxxForce Yanmar
 IC Bus  


OEMs Supporting B100 OEMs Supporting B5
CNH Audi
Duetz AG BMW
Fairbanks Morse Detroit Diesel

Hustler Turf Equipment
Mitsubishi Fuso


All major OEMs producing diesel vehicles for the U.S. market support at least B5 and lower blends, and over 78 percent of those manufacturers now support B20 or higher biodiesel blends in at least some of their equipment, including nearly 85 percent of the medium-and heavy-duty truck OEMs. The biodiesel component must meet ASTM D6751, the approved standard for pure biodiesel, and the B20 blends must meet ASTM D7467 specifications. Many OEMs also recommend the use of a BQ -9000 '" accredited producer.

For a complete detailed listing of OEM position statements on biodiesel, check out this document from or contact your REG representative for more information.




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2 Renewable Fuel Standards Program Regulatory Impact Analysis, United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2010.

Alternative Fuels Data Center




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