America's Energy Independence

Biodiesel is part of the solution.

The importance of our country’s energy independence cannot be overstated. Petroleum supply and price are heavily influenced by political factors in the most unstable and hostile parts of the world. America’s fuel consumers, economy and security must be protected from these factors by diversifying our transportation fuel supply. Biodiesel can play a significant role. 

Biodiesel can displace imported petroleum.

Biodiesel is an important component of our nation’s diversified energy portfolio. Made from a variety of products including waste products such as inedible vegetable oils and animal fats, biodiesel is one of the fastest-growing alternative fuels in the country. It works in any diesel engine and is usually blended with petroleum diesel. This American-made fuel can stretch existing petroleum supplies — helping free the U.S. from the hold of imported oil. 

U.S. Oil Consumption at a Glance

 Biodiesel has the potential to provide a consistent and readily available supply of fuel to power our nation. In 2021, the U.S. produced about 1.6 billion gallons of biodiesel.

Biodiesel: America’s long-term energy independence solution.

  • Ensures sustainable fuel made here at home by Americans using American commodities. 
  • Provides resources for our country in times of crisis. 
  • Increases American fuel for export and enhances GDP. 
  • Reduces America’s carbon emissions. 

Increasing the use and production of biodiesel isn’t only good for our country, it’s the law — the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 mandates the increased production of clean, renewable fuels in order to move the U.S. toward greater energy independence and security. 



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